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May 2017

May 2017 Statistics.

RAMzine offers sponsored posts and reviews, please get in touch with Vicky if you would like to enquire.

We also offer adverts that display at the top or bottom of all our articles.

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Rock Pen


We are currently offering very affordable advertising in our next issue.

The next zine is out early July 2017.

The deadline on advertising purchases is April 20th (if we haven’t’ sold out by then).

All ads must be pre-designed, portrait, CMKY, 300 DPI, 3mm bleed.

Zine Adverting Prices 2017 (Per issue)

Quarter Page – £30 (or 2 for £25).

Half Page – £40

Full Page – £60

Email Vicky on to make a purchase or enquiry.

Each issue receives over 10k online reads!

Previous issues have received over 18k reads!

Each issue receives hundreds of thousands impressions!

Print copies sold via our website!


Stats for Issue 12 as of 7/4/17


  1. Hello there,

    I’d like to inform you that the debut album of ex-Mindwork members melancholic-prog-rock project, Face The Day, is finally out.
    If you’d like to review the album, please write me back whether you prefer a physical copy or a download link.
    You can listen the album at

    Any note on your site regarding the release would be very much appreciated!

    Best Regards
    Martin Schuster

  2. Hey Guys, This is Rich Davis. I am very interested In advertising my new solo music with you. Could you please send me some info on some pricing. I am sending you 2 links. One to my October 2016 release “13” and my November 2016 release “Troublemaker (GTA)”. I have already received some great support in some great magazines like Terrorizer and Decible magazine. I hope you check out my songs and help me spread my music. “Troublemaker (GTA)”“13”
    Thanks, Rich

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