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Passionate about classic rock and live music. Fanatical about Aerosmith. Thrilled to see so many late-80s and early-90s bands still with us or making comebacks.
Chains of daisy

An impressive debut from Chains of Daisy

This short but sweet release from Chains of Daisy is an impressive first effort, and is sure to catch the attention of those in charge of the schedules on rock radio. It’s the bookends of this EP that really stand out. Both hark back to classics from yesteryear but come with fresh twists. ‘Dead as Stone’, the title track which ...

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LA Guns – The Devil You Know

Just over a year ago from LA Guns released their comeback album,  The Missing Peace. It was a decent stab at past glories, and it’s no surprise that a number of the songs from that album are played live. Their quick-fire delivery of follow-up, The Devil You Know, was eagerly anticipated by those who remember this mob as being among the leading players of ...

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FM complete a fabulous Italian Job

FM are far from being the only classic 1980’s band still on the touring circuit after enjoying a second wind. Something that’s a little less usual though, and what makes them stand out from the pack, is what they’ve been up to since reforming 12 years ago. Five of their ten studio albums (plus the rerecorded Indiscreet 30) have been released by ...

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Tyler Bryant and the shakedown

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown’s fresh and original rockin’ blues

It’s a good time for rockin’ blues, with the likes of Joe Bonamassa and The Temperance Movement helping to give the genre a welcome shot in the arm. With this self-titled album, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown magnificently prove that they, too, are part of this vanguard. It’s taken the Shakedown nearly half a decade to follow up their only ...

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Live: WASP, University of East Anglia

Some things are reassuringly familiar, and WASP are one of them. Fads have come and gone but Blackie Lawless and his ever-changing entourage have stuck to their tried-and-tested heavy metal formula for 35 years. You know what you’re going to get when they roll into town – usually, anyway. But this tour is a little different, as we get a ...

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LA Guns – The Missing Peace

Review: LA Guns – The Missing Peace

If you’re a jobbing Los Angeles musician who hasn’t yet managed to secure a spell in one of the many LA Guns line-up, you should probably pack it all in. After a period of stability between the mid-80s and mid-90s when these West Coast sleaze-merchants gave us their most notable output, it’s been a revolving door of personnel. Singer Phil ...

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Nazareth Live in Norwich – Genuine trailblazers in their own right

The last time Nazareth visited East Anglia, frontman Carl Sentance was new to the band, filling the shoes of band member and founder Dan McCafferty. Sentance did a great job on that occasion, but there was inevitably an air of uncertainty about the band – with bassist Pete Agnew being the only original member left, Nazareth could have become one ...

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Janet Gardner

Review: Janet Gardner of Vixen delivers her first solo offering.

In the late 1980s, Vixen were one of the few bands that looked like women who actually were women. They achieved some success during that hair-metal era, and a couple of their singalong tunes got them some airplay. Having Richard Marx as a producer and a co-writer helped them, too. By the time of their second coming, a decade later, they’d adopted ...

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