RAMzine Classics

Classic audioslave

Audioslave – Audioslave

There seems to be a recurring ‘supergroup’ theme in recent RAMzine Classic articles. As always, the albums that are analysed are done so because they are shining examples to the rest of the music world on how to create music of the highest quality. This is certainly the case with this week’s classic: Audioslave’s self-titled album. This was a band ...

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velvet revolver

Velvet Revolver – Contraband

The supergroup. Some believe the term is a kiss of death before the band in question even gets off the ground. This was not the case with Velvet Revolver, the group comprised of ex-Guns N Roses and Stone Temple Pilots members. With Scott Weiland on vocals, Slash and Dave Kushner on guitar, Duff McKagan on bass and Matt Sorum on ...

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deep purple classic

Deep Purple – In Rock

If Black Sabbath were the parents of rock and roll, then Deep Purple certainly have a claim to be the godparents. The    quintet really changed the sound of rock and roll, and really kept to the bluesy roots of early metal. The MKII lineup of Ian Gillan on vocals, Richie Blackmore on guitar, Ian Paice on drums, Roger Glover on ...

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t-rex Classics

T-Rex – Electric Warrior

There’s very few bands that summarise rock and roll more than T-Rex. Led by the wild haired Marc Bolan, the band blazed a trail for many bands to follow throughout their all to short career, which was ended when Bolan died in a car accident in 1977, aged just 29. However, before his untimely demise, the band recorded one of ...

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pearl jam

Pearl Jam – Ten

Grunge is certainly a branch of the metal family tree that has divided opinion. However, Pearl Jam with their seminal release “Ten” created an album that bore all the hallmarks of metal. There were riffs, big sweeping choruses and more melodies than you could shake a stick at. Frontman Eddie Vedder’s signature vocal style really set this album apart from ...

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areosmith classic

Aerosmith – Pump

If there’s a band that has defined rock and roll in its purest form for the past 40 years, then that band is Aerosmith. Their blues driven rock and roll was a sound that defined many a generation, and the songs are still timeless to this day. However, one album in particular really captured that raw, bluesy and versatile signature ...

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Anthrax ‘Spreading the Disease’

Anthrax are just a brilliant band. They’re probably the only member of the Big 4 of Thrash Metal that really don’t get spoken about as much as the other three (Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth). However, musically it can be argued that Anthrax are far superior to these bands across their whole careers. Today, the subject of RAMzine’s 18th Classic is ...

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skid row classic

Skid Row – Slave to the Grind

Underrated and underappreciated, Skid Row are one of those bands that everyone just enjoys listening to. Their first album yielded such legendary songs as “Youth Gone Wild”, “18 and Life” and “I Remember You”. However, singer Sebastian Bach promised to sing “notes only dogs could hear” on the follow up album, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. This ...

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Pantera ‘Vulgar Display of Power’

‘Vulgar Display of Power’ was the reanimation the metal scene needed. Sure that string of Metallica albums are now considered seminal and still are. But the relentless chugging of the tracks became a little vanilla. Pantera introduced a groove and pace change much needed in genre that was becoming increasingly flacid. With the invasion of grunge rock, it seemed metal ...

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Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz

You may know him nowadays as a reality TV star, or one of the more famous celebrity dads. However Ozzy Osbourne is also one of the greatest heavy metal front men of all time. With his unique mournful wail propelling Black Sabbath to unparalleled success, he decided to step out on his own in 1980. The result: Blizzard of Ozz. ...

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