RAMzine Top10

RAMzines Top Ten Drummers

People love a frontman – he’s at the front of the stage if you’re at a gig, or the focal point of that track that your listening to. They’re all clever wordplay and pitch perfect notes; then you’ve got those kicking guitars, maybe its the lead, bass, rhythm or backing but its the hips of the song, all grind and ...

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RAMzines Top 10 moments from Hard Rock Hell 2012!

For what was such a fantastic festival, condensing Hard Rock Hell into a list Top 10 Moments was no easy task. However, after much deliberation, here’s Team RAM’s Top 10 Moments of Hard Rock Hell 2012. 10: Trucker Diablo “calling out” Axl Rose with their song “Not So Superstar”. It’s no secret that there’s plenty of people in the rock ...

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