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Review: Girlschool – Propaganda EP

Currently on their first US tour in over 20 years, the longest-running female heavy metal band in history have a new EP out that’s being sold exclusively at live gigs. Something of an aperitif with a familiar flavour it features two tracks previously available on Girlschool’s 80s hit album Hit And Run (‘Kick It Down’ and ‘Watch Your Step’) that were rerecorded for the band’s Hit And ...

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The Loved and Lost - Into a Dream

Review: The Loved and Lost – Into a Dream

Not many of you would of heard of The Loved and Lost and neither had we (team RAM) until we took a visit to Breaking Bands Festival. They are a five piece band from Worcester, Worcestershire and have been around since 2012. The band have an average age of about 20 and already show signs of a more experienced group of very ...

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sirens in the delta

Review: Sirens in the Delta – Revolutions to Follow

Coming out of Teesside, Sirens in the Delta play rock and roll and their debut EP, ‘Revolutions to Follow’, is born from the world of alternative rock. ‘Dirty Words’ kicks things off with a fuzzy stoner vibe. It’s simple refrain of ‘I don’t need you’ is hardly going to win lyrical awards, but it makes sure that you are quickly ...

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all to ruin

Review: All To Ruin – Among Us

Yet another band with a name that makes you hope it doesn’t extend to their music. From Port Talbot, South Wales. All To Ruin formed in 2011 and had found themselves in favour in the pages of Kerrang! by the end of the same year. After their first 2013 EP, Parables, they’re making a return this year with another short ...

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Extinction Necromance

Review: XUL – Extinction Necromance

Levi Meyers, Bill Ferguson, Wallace Huffman, Marlow Deiter and Lowell Winters formed XUL in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, following in the footsteps of bands such as: Behemoth, Dissection, and Immortal, XUL has left the beaten path to forge their own brand of Blackened Death Metal. An energetic and engaging live performance, overflowing with crushing rhythms seamlessly coalescing into atmospheric passages, ...

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The Final Chapter - Entropy

Review: The Final Chapter – Entropy

The Final Chapter ‘Entropy’ was released 10th April 2015. Here is out track-by-track review: Dawn A superb opening track that simply possesses an eerie atmosphere, capturing the attention significantly, with its spine-chilling keyboards dancing to the tune of anticipation at what is about to be unleashed. Signature This track hosts a clean vocal as well as an all out spewing ...

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Review: The Big Teutonic Four – Part II

From the early 80’s on they’ve been the leading figures of Germany’s thrash metal scene, shaping an entire genre that soon should spread all over Europe and inspiring countless young combos that eagerly followed their lead: THE BIG TEUTONIC 4! KREATOR, TANKARD, DESTRUCTION and SODOM – by now household names in metal – have relentlessly worked their way up from ...

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Trepalium - Damballa Voodoo Doll

Review: Trepalium – Damballa Voodoo Doll

It’s not often you come across a band like Trepalium. One struggles to define what sub genre this band falls under. The closest approximation might be ‘cabaret-core’ ?! If such a term didn’t exist before it certainly does now. With a blend of tech metal, old school jazz and some nu-metal style grooves thrown in for good measure, Trepelium are ...

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Review: Savage Machine – Through The Iron Forest

Savage Machine hail from Denmark and fly the colours of heavy metal’s flag as distinguished during it ‘80s rise to world domination, though here on this mini-album it’s given a clean  modern crisp guitar sound with a good clear production.  Founded by former Momentum guitarist and drummer Jacob Bruun and Martin Helbo, respectively; this newer group features vocalist Troels Rasmussen, ...

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i the lion

Review: I, The Lion – Run EP

I, The Lion – Run EP Release Date: 9th February 2015 Post punk trio I, The Lion are set to release their latest EP, Run on February 9th 2015, recording with Jason Wilson (You Me At Six, Fightstar, We Are The Ocean). Though still a relatively new band, I, The Lion have established a strong presence in the three or ...

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