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when we were wolves

Review: When We Were Wolves – Heartless

Bouncy. Thats how this starts. Bouncy and Fast. So what are you gonna do? You’re gonna mosh and bash your face against a brick wall. South Wales post-hardcore quintet When We Were Wolves have held nothing back with their new EP ‘Heartless’. For fans of Deaf Havana, A Day To Remember, Bury Tomorrow and Five Finger Death Punch. Clearly these ...

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create to inspire

Review: Create To Inspire – Halfway Home

On the 18th August Create To Inspire dropped their debut EP on us, just weeks after winning the coveted Red Bull Studios : Live competition at Download Festival as the ‘wildcard’ entry. This previously lesser known band are rapidly gaining momentum, turning heads and grabbing the attention of crowds, magazines and promoters up and down the UK. Having heard debut EP ...

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mario and the brick

Review: Patent Pending – Mario & The Brickbrakers: Greatest Hits

You may have heard of the awesome Patent Pending before, you know, the New York pop-punk band that came out to the Chuckle Vision theme at Download 2013? Yet, you might not know who ‘Mario and The Brickbreakers’ are. Or maybe you have if you have played any classic Nintendo game. Do the names Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi ring ...

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Pay No Respect - Hope for the Hopeless1

Review: Pay No Respect – Hope for the Hopeless

Pay No Respect, one of UK’s most relentless & hard working names in hard core. After countless road trips, years of touring around Europe and Asia alike, Pay No Respect hit the studio this spring to continue laying down demos for this year’s long awaited full length album. With new member and second guitarist Jack Price in tow, this new ...

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Apherium - Neoteric

Review: Apherium – Neoteric

Formed during their college days in 2011 and coming at you from Yeovil, Apherium soon forged a sturdy bond and quickly put out their debut album ‘The Cycle’ the following year. The album was a steep learning curve for the quartet, yet they soon discovered how to better cultivate their sound and reflect on their song writing. The melodic metallers ...

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Review: Slaughterday – Ravenous

Slaughterday was formed in 2010 by Jens Finger – Guitars/Bass (ex-Obscenity) and Bernd Reiners – Drums/Vocals (ex- BK 49) to play raw and sick old-school Death Metal, heavily influenced by bands like Autopsy, Asphyx, Entombed, Massacre, etc. In December 2012 Slaughterday recorded a 4-Track Demo called ‘Cosmic Horror’ at Sound-lodge Studios, which was released via FDA REKOTZ. The full length album ‘Nightmare ...

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of allies tempers

Review: Of Allies – Tempers

Often a band’s first EP comes with plenty still to be desired, creating a basic outline of their sound but seeing big steps of improvement when it comes to creating a full album release. However, Hull alt-rockers Of Allies might just have the whole ‘first EP’ thing down to perfection, as they serve up the masterful and rather stunning ‘Tempers‘. ...

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Powerlord - The Awakening

Review: Powerlord – The Awakening

Powerlord formed in 1984 by the two brothers Tony and Bob Gourley and had only one release ‘The Awakening’ which was originally unleashed in 1986. Bob had previously been on tour with Slayer and had also played with Dark Angel for a couple of years. Powerlord released this self-financed EP in 1986 which was then re-released as a split cd ...

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New town kings

Review: New Town Kings – Pull Up & Rewind

When Barso sang “My girl’s mad at me …” We knew what he meant immediately. The efficiency of the lyric stunned us. There was no beating around the bush. He run in with it … and quickly too. With an open heart. It was a confession. Blurted out. Skank might be optimistic. A joyful blend of fruity Jamaican rhythms and ...

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deaf havana 22

Review: Deaf Havana ’22’ EP

Back in late 2011 I stumbled across Deaf Havana. After flicking through endless music channels I waited for the adverts to finish and for the next song to appear on Scuzz. I’d never heard ‘I’m a Bore, Mostly’ before let alone the band. I was instantly blown away by James’ incredible voice. I knew back then that the band would ...

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