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dropout dan

Dropout Dan – Forever, Instead EP Review

Cambridgeshire-born Daniel O’Dell, aka Dropout Dan, began writing songs from an early age, describing his sound as acoustic lyrical rock with a twist. ‘Forever, Instead’, this year’s follow-up to his 2011 debut EP ‘Do You Remember’, consists of five tracks that showcase Dan’s innovative take on acoustic music. Opening track ‘Oh Little Red’ features a breathy, ethereal sound to the ...

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Mothership ‘Mothership’ EP

Mothership wear their influences on their sleeves, it’s in everything they do, every riff, lick and bridge is simmered with bands like AC/DC, UFO and Black Sabbath. The self-entitled eight track EP is as follows: We open with a sort of spaceship-feel (don’t laugh) and it actually immediately puts me in the mind of ‘Black Sabbath’ by Sabbath with the ...

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Anthrax ‘Anthems’ EP Review

Thrash behemoths Anthrax return after 2011’s ‘Worship Music’ which was pretty damned good! But interestingly its not new material its an EP of covers that they particularly loved in the 70’s… Single covers and metal bands have had a fraught relationship at best, so to release more than one is brave but is it another ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ Where we ...

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this is hell

This Is Hell ‘The Enforcer’ EP Review

The Enforcer EP is the latest release from Long Island hardcore thrash band This Is Hell. The 11 minute four track EP comes two years after their Black Mass album. Opening track Flag of the Serpent is a musical number clocking in at just over a minute and it does a good job of showcasing just how much potential the ...

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cold chillin

Your Demise ‘Cold Chillin’ EP Review

UK St Albans hardcore collective Your Demise are set to release a new EP titled ‘Cold Chilin‘ via Impericon and Pinky Swear Records. The fact that they have chosen to record with Pinky swear records a label known for producing lots of break through artists and hardcore bands will be glee and excitement to many of their current and past ...

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harry george johns

Harry George Johns EP Review

2013 is set to be a big year for Harry George Johns, the former bassist and backing singer of the West Yorkshire rock outfit Dinosaur Pile-Up. Having left Dinosaur Pile-Up in November of last year to concentrate on writing and recording his own solo project, Johns is set to release his debut EP “Post-breakdown Blues” on February 7th. Stylistically Johns ...

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death by ki

Death By Ki’s ‘The Right of Might’ EP Review

Energetic, pounding and full of talent, Death By Ki’s new EP The Right of Might is truly brilliant. Opening with ‘Like Oxygen To Fire’, the tone is set for the majority of this album – loud, with vocals that are like Azaelia Banks and Corey Taylor caught in a blender, and an awesome guitar solo every time the tempo changes. ...

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Some Skeletons ‘And Signs & Ampersands’ EP Review

Nottingham’s Some Skeletons second release And Signs & Ampersands really sees this band coming into their own. On the back if their last release Kypes | Pests | Throats their second EP sees the band sounding more confident and settled in their sound than before. Drawing influences from bands such as Idlewild, Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones and Brand New they have ...

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Avastera ‘The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long’ EP Review

Having previously toured with the likes of Silverstein,  Mayday Parade and A Skylit Drive, Australian five-piece Avastera have accomplished a lot in their relatively short time together, particularly throughout the past 12 months – including releasing their debut EP, The Clocks Have Ticked Too Long, featuring seven songs that explore being more than just a pop-punk band. Opening track Hear ...

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Race Car Hearts

Race Car Hearts ‘Tender/Vicious’ EP Review

An incredibly intense EP, Race Car Hearts give us their beautiful debut Tender/Vicious. Opening the EP is their latest single ‘Pins’, and it is very unusual for a song to make us go, ‘Oh my god this is awesome’, but it did (Just ask RAMzines Editor-In-Chief Vicky – We were chatting when the link kicked in, I was blown away ...

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