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Cetacean - Breach|Submerge

Review: Cetacean – Breach|Submerge

Conceived from the mind and influences of L.A. native David Sais, Cetacean was realized in 2015 with a complete line-up that includes Daniel Pouliot (Ancestors, Horse the Band), Trae Malone (Ex-Black Sheep Wall), Swansong (Exhausted Prayer), Benigno Esaú, and Stephen Charouhas! ‘Earth is a Whisper’ is a rather ambiguous track that switches its guise from billowing to progressive in the ...

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Celestial Ruin -  Pandora

Review: Celestial Ruin – Pandora

Based out of Vancouver, Celestial Ruin started taking the scene by storm with their debut album The Awakening. Receiving favourable reviews in publications such as Rock-star Weekly Magazine professing a 4/5 star rating declaring, “If the Awakening is only the beginning of things to come, you’d best get on board now while the getting’s good. ‘Murder of Crows’ starts off ...

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Giant of The Mountain - The Empty Quarter

Review: Giant of The Mountain – The Empty Quarter

Drawing the moon down through the mountains and into the valley, the Giant of the Mountain rears his head to breathe his dreadful anguish unto humanity! Like most things they make a comeback and arguably some never really left but stayed tucked away in the background, this is what I feel about prog music. I don’t feel it is over ...

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Spreading The Disease – Viral

Spreading The Disease – Release ‘Viral’ EP

Despite the very obvious and humorous abbreviation of this bands name, there is nothing funny about STD’s first EP. Spreading The Disease have introduced themselves to the metal world with heavy riffs, punchy songs and the right kind of attitude. Kicking off with ‘Bulldozer’ the tone is set for what seems to be the making of a good metal album. ...

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Black Absinthe Early Signs of Denial

Review: Black Absinthe – Early Signs of Denial

Early Signs of Denial is set for release on the 13th May 2016 and produced by Dave Baksh out of the Gentleman’s Den studio in Pickering, Ontario and mixed and mastered by Frank Gryner. ‘The Wild’ kick starts the EP with a tumultuous rumble that really gets under the skin and infects like a rabid disease. It’s a real rebel ...

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Novacrow – Black Syrup

Review: Novacrow – Black Syrup

Crunchy Guitars – Check! Modern Day Geek Obsessions – Check! Gorgeous Singer with a great voice – Check! The first official E.P from Merseyside/Black Country Rockers Novacrow certainly has all the parts in place for impressing one’s set of hearing devices, and they do not disappoint here. Opener ‘Fat Frog’ wastes no time in getting straight to work and treats ...

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georgia pine

Review: Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine EP

Looking like extras from the Peaky Blinders TV show, Broken Witt Rebels pose nonchalantly in the publicity photos currently doing the rounds to promote their forthcoming tour and new five track EP. It gives the impression of a pre-World War I boy-band rather than a contemporary rock outfit to me, but let’s hear what they have to say for themselves musically. ...

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Razoreater – Vacuum of Nihil

Review: Razoreater – Vacuum of Nihil

Peterborough, a place with little going for it. Yes we have some great pubs, and a train station that can get us out and to better places easy enough, but when it comes to live venues for music of our tastes there is almost nothing. Perhaps once or twice a year we might be lucky to get a heavy gig ...

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Cult of Lilith - Arkanum

Review: Cult of Lilith – Arkanum

The EP opens with ‘Abaddon’ – this track holds much pleasure with enjoyable stabs of metal that crucify you on listening and superbly rousing. The vocals are gruff and hit the ground running with equal amounts of instant force! ‘Arkanum’ – the bands title track is again forceful and lush. Its emotions are tumultuous and it doesn’t take much to ...

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Damage Source - Come Deterioration

Review: Damage Source – Come Deterioration

‘Servants’ – Nothing like a bit of Old School crossover at all! The thunderous layers of snarling riffs are plentiful and surge mightily through the speakers. The gruff low toned growled vocal gives edge and stability to the track as it fires on all cylinders. In mesmeric form it twists and turns into one organic track! ‘Erection of The Cross’ ...

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