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georgia pine

Review: Broken Witt Rebels – Georgia Pine EP

Looking like extras from the Peaky Blinders TV show, Broken Witt Rebels pose nonchalantly in the publicity photos currently doing the rounds to promote their forthcoming tour and new five track EP. It gives the impression of a pre-World War I boy-band rather than a contemporary rock outfit to me, but let’s hear what they have to say for themselves musically. ...

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Razoreater – Vacuum of Nihil

Review: Razoreater – Vacuum of Nihil

Peterborough, a place with little going for it. Yes we have some great pubs, and a train station that can get us out and to better places easy enough, but when it comes to live venues for music of our tastes there is almost nothing. Perhaps once or twice a year we might be lucky to get a heavy gig ...

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Cult of Lilith - Arkanum

Review: Cult of Lilith – Arkanum

The EP opens with ‘Abaddon’ – this track holds much pleasure with enjoyable stabs of metal that crucify you on listening and superbly rousing. The vocals are gruff and hit the ground running with equal amounts of instant force! ‘Arkanum’ – the bands title track is again forceful and lush. Its emotions are tumultuous and it doesn’t take much to ...

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Damage Source - Come Deterioration

Review: Damage Source – Come Deterioration

‘Servants’ – Nothing like a bit of Old School crossover at all! The thunderous layers of snarling riffs are plentiful and surge mightily through the speakers. The gruff low toned growled vocal gives edge and stability to the track as it fires on all cylinders. In mesmeric form it twists and turns into one organic track! ‘Erection of The Cross’ ...

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Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated by Greed

Review: Foul Body Autopsy – Perpetuated by Greed

Armed with an ipod, Guitar and a desire to crush skulls Foul Body Autopsy is a one man band from Leicester City founded by metal maverick Tom Reynolds. Over the space of 4 years Tom has released a full length album and is now working with Equivalence Music Management Team & Grind Scene Records planning for a full metal tirade ...

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Sicada - Requisition

Review: Sicada – Requisition

‘Black Sheep’ (Remaster) – This track has enough bite for the listener to be totally engulfed as the thrash becomes apparent. Its bite is definitely just as good as its bark. It instantly allures and feeds on the metal soul. ‘Exit Life’ – Smoulders as it gets into its niche and ravages with blinding riffs and sizzling beats. It’s swift ...

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Like Animals - feral

Review: Like Animals – Feral

If you took the riffs of Dillinger Escape Plan and blended them with alternative rock, you’d be getting close to experiencing Like Animals.  Their progressive rock sound brings to mind pre-Puzzle era Biffy Clyro and is at times as challenging as it is enjoyable. ‘Feral’ kicks things off with a hesitant riff that slowly builds into this layered rock song. ...

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Akasava - Strange Aeons

Review: Akasava – Strange Aeons

Akasava released their debut EP Strange Aeons in May, 2015. Featuring Karmazid’s mind blowing and tortured artwork, widely acclaimed among the doom/psych scene, they have been reviewed and feature on popular blogs like Doomed & Stoned, The SludgeLord, and Occult Rock Magazine. Mystical, foggy, atmospheric landscapes will bring you close to the abyss of your mind and hit your soul ...

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Jared James Nichols – Highwayman

Jared James Nichols: Highwayman EP – A mix of vintage covers and self-penned songs!

“He reminds me of a young Ted Nugent,” said a voice to my left as I watched Jared James Nichols deliver an impressive support slot during Glenn Hughes’ recent UK tour. From a distance, visually perhaps, but with bigger biceps, and more akin to Joe Walsh if you ask me; especially the way he handles slide guitar. Actually, the fact ...

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Affliction Gate - Dying Alone

Review: Affliction Gate – Dying Alone

AFFLICTION GATE was formed during Spring 2006 taking inspiration from late 80’s / early 90’s Death Metal classics of UNLEASHED, MASSACRE, MANTAS /DEATH, BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, GRAVE etc… Conceptually, AFFLICTION GATE deals with Darkness through its various shapes and manifestations. The one which can bring freedom, strength, wisdom… but also the one which can lead to downfall and chaos. Still ...

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