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Memoriam - The Hellfire Demos II

Review: Memoriam – The Hellfire Demos II

Focusing on the themes of death, loss and war Memoriam was formed after the tragic death of Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns (Bolt Throwers Drummer) in September 2015 and was originally a band who decided to play cover tracks of songs that had influenced each member in turn. However, after creating some of their own tracks it was obvious that the band ...

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Adrian Pain & the Dead Sexy - Mixed Messages

Reviews: Adrian Pain & the Dead Sexy – Mixed Messages

Well it’s a bloody good start for a strangely titled band – for me the sexy comes within those lungs of steel along with the melodic bounce that embraces the ears with such ferocious momentum. It is just a sheer joy to behold. The words ‘nu-metal’ and ‘core’ need not fill you with dread as it does some, for me ...

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Desert Kingdom - Desert Kingdom

Review: Desert Kingdom – Desert Kingdom

This EP is bound to lift you out of your shoes and across the floor, make no mistake it is so heavy the floor is juddering in defeat! The rhythms are monumental and fuelled with balls of steel. Stoner rock is just superb listening – when you think of it, it sounds like a bunch of hippies have got together ...

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Sertraline - Guilty

Review: Sertraline – Guilty

The name Sertraline for anyone like myself that has had to take the drug will know it lightens mood and literally pulls you out of depression, and so Sertraline has been good for me, so it is quite an honour to be able to review a band with such a positive name for starters. The band now have a new ...

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Drude - Drude

Review: Drude – Drude

I am loving the start of this it’s dream-like and classical, not that I say that often, going more for the large joint with the most meat on its bones, which surprisingly enough it has just magically transformed into, what a fantastic track. Plus I like the name Drude it’s simple and just sums up the band really well as ...

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Alter Eden - Tigers And Lambs

Review: Alter Eden – Tigers And Lambs

Myles Kennedy fronting Black Peaks is far too simplistic a description for Alter Eden. Yet, it’s hard to deny its usefulness as a shorthand for their rather distinctive sound. Technical metal with tinges of mathcore, but with a singer who wouldn’t be out of place on American rock radio belting over the top of it, it’s certainly not something you ...

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Review: Pissed On – The Hanged Man

“Pissed On is very excited to release our debut EP the Hanged Man via Advocate Records. This record had drawn influence from a wide variety of acts such as Pig Destroyer, Discordance Axis, Swans, and Noothgrush as well as embuing the sounds of hardcore, grindcore, black metal, harsh noise, and death metal. Thematically, this record carries a narrative through 5 ...

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Review: Cancer – Terminal

The biological Cancer as everyone knows can grow inside anyone at any age, although when it is black depressive metal it will probably only grow in the hearts and minds of the people who love it – sometimes this genre can be difficult to embrace but from the get go, this black metal band tears strips off the audial and ...

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Review: Heavy Temple – Chassit

Not only has this EP got a remarkable colourful cover it also possesses some really deep heavy groove to compliment it. It literally does take you to another dimension that truly offers a buoyant flit into an enjoyable adventure. The strides of doom-laden prowess simply resonate a fierce and deviant groove that bolsters the psyche from great heights. ‘Key and ...

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Review: Lamb of God – The Duke

Lamb of God formed a blazing trail 15 years ago and have never looked back. Whilst on their trail they inadvertently sparked the so-called New Wave of American Metal from the start of the 21st century. Together this Virginian quintet both refined and redefined the conception of intensive brutal metal in the modern age. In 15 years the band have ...

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