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Mini Mansions

Live Review – Mini Mansions at Reading Festival 2015

What would it sound like if Queens of the Stone Age bassist Micheal Shuman picked up some drum sticks, a guitar and a microphone? The answer: Mini Mansions. And what would it look like? Well… pretty damn sleek. On keys Tyler Parkford sports a classic black tux, Shuman wears a 007 style all-white number and guitarist Zach Dawes dons a ...

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Review: Butserfest 2015

Butserfest: The UK’s biggest alcohol and drug free festival. I should have known that this was more of a youth event; what person in their right mind would choose to go to an outdoor music festival at which one cannot have a nice cold lager? Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to get tanked up and fighty, but ...

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the districts

Live Review: The Districts at Reading Festival 2015

It was the first day of Reading Festival and  as the NME tent began to fill, the excitement was really building for American alt rockers, The Districts. These young guns have been creating a reputation for their awesome live shows having played Glastonbury earlier this summer! Their performance at Reading Festival lived up to this and certainly did not disappoint. ...

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Foo Fighters

Live Review: Foo Fighters, Milton Keynes Bowl

In October 1995 Dave Grohl walked into a studio in Seattle and recorded a bunch of songs on his own. The rest they say is history. Foo Fighters have become one of the biggest bands on the planet with a live show and a back catalogue of stadium filling anthems to match. Excitement surrounded the Foo’s returning to Wembley Stadium ...

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Bulletproof Rose

HRH Highway to Hell VI — Sheffield Live Report

Each year the fabulous people at HRH arrange and deliver a superb competition. It’s Britain’s ‘Rock Factor’. Hundreds of bands go through the preliminary stages. But only a few make it to the final round. And the final two days of the competition is a weekend of mind-blowing creativity, hectic showmanship, a lot of schmoozing, and of course, some epic ...

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the twin dracular

Live Review: The Twin Dracula, at The Bowery District, Reading

The Twin Dracula were the opening band for Anti-Flag at The Bowery District in Reading, this August. The Berkshire based band promote a heavy punk rock sound. With a strong start, this band don’t waste any time. The band open with ‘Catholic’ – with elements of rock & roll, The Twin Dracula are the perfect pit-starting band. They prove themselves ...

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Live Review: Brawlers, at The Bowery District, Reading

Playing support to Anti-Flag this August was above-board punk rock band Brawlers. Featuring ex-members of Leftover Crack, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Castrovalva and Martyr Defiled, the band are an exciting group, who live by the saying “every night is Saturday night”. “Are you ready to watch the most electrifying band on the universe” says vocalist Harry George Johns, as they play their ...

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Rob Zombie feat

Bloodstock 2015 Highlights: Sunday

Sunday  – the last day of the festival. A day where we look back on the best times this weekend and make the most of our last few hours at Bloodstock. But it’s not over yet! We have a full day of rock ‘n’ roll debauchery ahead of us. This morning we are greeted by London groove-metallers Skarthia on the ...

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All Photos by Benji Walker

Live Review: Anti-Flag, at The Bowery District, Reading

TURNCOAT! KILLER! LIAR! THIEF! Criminal with protection of the law!” The first words to come from Anti-Flag! Already I am reminded of just how awesome this band are, and the fun to be had at a Punk Rock show! The crowd already singing to every word, a very nostalgic night for some. Anti-Flag sometimes dubbed as ‘Anarcho-punk’, meaning they are an ...

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Photo by Mark Lloyd

Bloodstock 2015 Highlights: Saturday

All photos by Mark Lloyd. Traditionally Saturday is the most ‘fun’ day at a festival, and looking at the line-up for today, Bloodstock 2015 shouldn’t be any different.It’s a bit sunny to be sporting black-metal face-paint but 1349 pull it off well. What a way to wake up! Something completely different on the Dio stage from Finnish folk-metallers Korpiklaani. Who ...

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