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seether review

Live Review: Seether at The Ritz Manchester

Can you feel it Manchester? Can you feel the Rock!? Well I did and no doubt the crowd certainly did too, it was insane. Seether were greeted with a very warm welcome. As soon as it went dark the guitars started to strum and out the band came, to ‘Gasoline’  – the crowd went bat sh*t crazy! It’s dark, sweaty ...

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mallory knox

Live Review: Mallory Knox, Liverpool O2

Woooooahhhoooh it’s Mallory Knox live in Liverpool! They open with ‘QOD II’! This track features on the Deluxe version of new album ‘Asymmetry’. “It’s been an incredibly long time since we have been in Liverpool, thank you so much for the support” says Mikey Chapman (vocals). Mikey continues “Now, who wants to hear some new tracks?” as the band play ...

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blue oyster cult

Hard Rock Hell 8 Review

Hard Rock Hell (HRH) feels like a very well kept secret, hidden by it’s location, hidden by the fact it always sells out, and by the fact that if you did choose to go to a festival, perhaps you didn’t think to go to one November. Whatever the reason, all these things are actually a positive. HRH promotes an atmosphere, far gone ...

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asking alex

Review: Asking Alexandria, at The Roundhouse London

Tonight I saw Asking Alexandria play in London for the 5th time! I’m quiet a big fan of the band and have followed them since 2009 so seeing them tonight was a HUGE buzz. Sadly due to my poor time keeping I missed opening band Secrets but heard nothing but good things from my friends. The show started for me ...

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skid row

Live Review: Skid Row

It’s late into a damp Wednesday afternoon. I’ve bombed it from work to Bournemouth to get to The Old Fire Station just in the nick of time. A tall, smiley gent opens the door and introduces himself as the tour manager. He is terribly sorry, but the boys are running a little late due to a heavy night last night, ...

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brant bjork

Live Review: Brant Bjork and LTNT

LTNT (Lieutenant), a London based heavy, slightly grungy rock band with a 90s influence, came on as second support and kicked the show into gear with the kind of energy you might not expect on a gloomy Tuesday. Straight in with their signature sound, those who had just arrived had no chance to warm up and were hit with a ...

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feed the rhino live

Live Review: Feed The Rhino

Above photo by Chris James Ryan Photography The intimate Underworld venue in Camden town was full to the brim on Friday evening as hardcore band from Kent Feed The Rhino took to the stage as part of their current UK tour. Having only recently released their new album ‘The Sorrow and The Sound‘ we would expect a road test of ...

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black star riders

Black Star Riders, Tax The Heat @ The Asylum, Birmingham

Finally, the much anticipated Birmingham and final leg of the Black Star Riders & Tax The Heat mini-tour had arrived. The almost oppressively warm Asylum was about to get even warmer judging by the packed venue. The good people at Planet Rock Live had assembled two of the finest bands currently on the circuit, the awesome Black Star Riders and ...

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Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish – The Jellycats – Broken 3 Ways – at Liverpool 02 Academy

Broken 3 Ways Now let’s get straight into the action…these chaps are suddenly jumping and running all over the stage and it’s only been 5 seconds since it started! I can tell this is going to be a good night! We are instantly blasted with the rasta-rock beats, feeling them vibrate though the body. This lot defiantly have ska roots ...

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Sean Smith

The Blackout at Liverpool 02 Academy

Diamond Days To kick things off the first support act Diamond Days really got the ball going. These lot with their modern rock vibe really got the crowd going, full of energy and confidence these guys managed with no problem to make their mark on the night! An excellent mix of vocals and solo’s, playing a good mix of classics ...

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