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Live Review: Slipknot & KoRn ‘Prepare For Hell’ Tour,Arena, Newcastle

“In many ways Newcastle is like Des Moines,” announces Slipknot frontman Cory Taylor to the crowd “because Newcastle is home of some of the craziest human beings we’ve ever met.”…. We’ll take that as a compliment Corey! We know from various interviews that Corey Taylor is fully behind the live music scene in the UK, even Tweeting about a possible ...

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Live Review: Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock, Robin 2 Bilston

A sell-out show audience greeted me as I walked into the Robin 2 for the Temple of Rock ‘Bridge the Gap’ show; Michael Schenker is making a habit of it here in Bilston. This was part of the ‘Bridge the Gap’ tour to promote the release of the album of the same name late in December 2013. Despite the tour ...

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Live Review: Queen + Adam Lambert, Arena, Newcastle

If there is one band in the history of popular music who have brilliant legacy for playing live – it has to be Queen. Live at the Rainbow in 1974, Montreal in 1981, Live Aid in 1985,  and more recently live at Big Ben on New Year’s Eve 2014. The news that Queen were to tour again with the help ...

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machine head, london

Machine Head tribute to Dimebag Darrell

This cold December night in London, I feel like I have been part of something very special. A gig highly anticipated by all in attendance, but we did not comprehend how unique this gig was going to be. You see this day December 7th 2014, is just one day shy of the 10 year anniversary of the death of one ...

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Live Review: Marillion at Leamington Assembly

The evening didn’t quite start as planned for me and my review assistant, Paul. Arriving at the Assembly Rooms in Leamington we were met by a queue which stretched from the door of the venue, snaked up the road, round the corner and on for a hundred yards or so. A pint of Hobgoblin later and the queue had subsided ...

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Live Review: Fish at Sub89, Reading

Fish is still an imposing man. He stands so high that he can reach the ceiling with his hands (of which, more in a moment). Yet he moves fluidly. Graceful. He slinks on stage like an eel. Synchronized, he swishes and swirls back and forth. Using all the stage-space available at the excellent concert venue at Sub89 in Reading. And, ...

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joe elliot

Joe Elliotts Down ‘n’ Outz at The Slade Rooms, with support from Vega

Wolverhampton, Dec 12th 2014  On a bitterly cold night I arrived at the Wolver Slade Rooms for what was promising to be a cracking night of rock music, UK style. The Further Adventures of Down ‘n’ Outz were to be played, to what was promising to be a decent, but not sell-out crowd. Featuring Def Leppard‘s front man Joe Elliott ...

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bring me the horizon

Bring Me The Horizon Live @ Wembley Arena Friday 5th December 2014

After laying complete waste to Camden’s The Underworld in front of 500 rabid punters just days earlier, Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon look set to take on a slightly less intimate venue tonight in the form of Wembley. Tonight will mark the final date of a worldwide tour spanning almost two years promoting 2013’s masterpiece Sempiternal. The sheer devotion directed ...

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Live Review: Mastodon, with support from Big Business & Krokodil at the Birmingham O2 Academy

With Mastodon well into the second half of their ‘Once More ‘round The Sun’ tour, promoting the new album of the same name, they were being supported in tonight’s melange of metal mayhem by UK band Krokodil, relative newcomers to the circuit as a band, but with buckets of experience and pedigree as individual members, with main support coming from ...

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Live Review – Avatar, Manchester Academy

Avatar, no not the film, it’s the crazy Sweedish band and tonight they invade Manchester. A circus theme intro song is played, one by one members of Avatar appear on stage and take position, waiting for the leader to arrive. Johannes makes his entrance onto the stage, The band play ‘Let it burn‘ and the crowd went insane, not normal insane ...

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