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dr feelgood

Live Review: Dr Feelgood @ Hard Rock Hell

Legends. Icons. Heroes. These monikers are thrown around needlessly these days, but every so often, a band comes along that truly deserves them. Dr Feelgood are one of these bands. These legendary blues rock and rollers have been going for over 40 years now, and judging from their show at Hard Rock Hell on the Sunday night, they show no ...

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little c

Live Review: Little Caesar @ Hard Rock Hell

Little Caesar – Stage 1 – Saturday After the sterling performance by Blackfoot, the next group had a lot to live up to. Little Caesar hit the stage with a mass of energy and charisma. Their raucous, raunchy sound blared through the speakers making it near impossible not to stand up and move to the beat. The reception was warm ...

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Live Review: JettBlack @ Hard Rock Hell

With frontman Will Stapleton away on the War of the Worlds tour, many thought JettBlack may pull out of Hard Rock Hell 2012. However, they stuck to their guns and enlisted the help of Liam Lever to fill in for Will for this show. What a sterling job they did. Launching into opening number “Get Your Hands Dirty”, JettBlack showed ...

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the quireboys

Live Review: The Quireboys @ Hard Rock Hell

The Quireboys – Stage 1 – Saturday The Quireboys we welcomed back to Hard Rock Hell with open arms after their last performance at the festival was such a blast. Their hit songs ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ and ‘It’s 7 o’ Clock’ engaged the biggest reaction from the crowd and got everyone off their seats. Frontman Spike danced around in a ...

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primal fear

Live Review: Primal Fear @ Hard Rock Hell

Primal Fear – Stage 1 –Saturday The first thing you notice about Primal Fear is that front man Ralf Scheepers has one hell of a voice. If you think of Wolf Hoffman of Accept and Rob Halford formerly of Judas Priest, then turn it up an octave you would have the deliciously ear piercing voice of Ralf. Their heavy metal ...

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Live Review: Serpentine @ Hard Rock Hell

Serpentine – Stage 2 – Friday If there’s one band of the weekend that impressed us more than anyone else, it was these guys. It was evident from the very beginning that this band are in it for the pure passion of it; interacting with each other and having a laugh, as well as producing a set full of technically ...

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Live Review: SOiL @ Hard Rock Hell

Taking the stage as the penultimate band of the weekend, SOiL really had to step their game due to the high calibre of performances across the whole weekend on both stages. Opening with “Break It Down”, the band show that they have still got the fire they had when they first broke through 10 years ago. Frontman Ryan McCombs was ...

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Live Review: Blackfoot @ Hard Rock Hell

Blackfoot – Stage 1 – Saturday Blackfoot was kicking off the southern rock infested night at Hard Rock Hell with their raunchy, blues fuelled sound. The band has a good collection of songs with anthemic style choruses and sing-along lyrics. The beat was heavy and the guitars were blaring, producing a sound that was very much easy to dance to ...

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Live Review: Buckcherry @ Hard Rock Hell

As the final band of the weekend, Buckcherry were under serious pressure to deliver after what had been a wonderful weekend of high standard live performances. By god, did they deliver. What a show, from start to finish. From the moment the opening chords of “Ridin'”, it was instantly obvious that Buckcherry were at Hard Rock Hell to make sure ...

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Live Review: Ajenda @ Hard Rock Hell

Ajenda – Stage 2 – Friday If you haven’t heard of Ajenda already, then this performance will surely gain them a few fans. The bands front woman Jen had a voice similar to Pink crossed with Joan Jett, giving a complete unique perspective of the Belfast based band. The bluesy numbers were a hit with the crowd as they started ...

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