rAVENeYE Download Festival

RavenEye at Download Festival

We had the pleasure of catching up with UK based band, RavenEye at Download Festival.

We talked about the upcoming US tour for their new album Nova and the story behind the album. We will also see UK dates added to the tour soon, so keep an eye out for them at your local music venues!

We also discussed their European tour with KISS and some of the highlights, including flying in the KISS jet and bad habits on the road.

With the recent passing of Chris Cornell, we also discussed the effects of long term touring on mental health within the arts industry and how it should be something that’s highlighted a lot more.

This was a really fun interview and the guys were great fun to talk to. These guys are certainly one to watch. Charismatic, charming and great music!

Watch the full interview here:

Check out the RavenEye video for ‘Hero’:

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