BlackWolf Interview at Hard Rock Hell

RAMzine spoke to BlackWolf at Hard Rock Hell 2014! The band have had a really good year, they were nominees for ‘Best New Band’ in this years Classic Rock Magazine Awards, they also played on ‘Planet Rock Radio presents’ UK headline tour, and were even featured over on Team Rock Radio’s ‘Breaking Bands’. The band have also built up a great archive of bands that they have shared a stage with including, The Answer, Winger, Jettblack.

Talking about Hard Rock Hell, BlackWolf tell us “It’s good because it’s different, there are not many places you can stay in a caravan, and be in stumbling distance of the stage”.

BlackWolf have just finished a very successful tour with Blues Pills and The Vintage Caravan. Judging by what all 3 bands said, there was more of an audience then they all expected. They had to upgrade the venue on a few dates of this tour. All 3 of these bands are extremely talented, if you haven’t given them a listen yet, we highly recommend it.

Blackwolf talk us through the process of releasing new album ‘The Hunt‘ and what they think of the reception. See the full interview here:

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