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Interview: StOp, sToP at HRH United

StOp, sToP were a great find at this years HRH AOR Festival. Rightly placed on the HRH Sleaze stage, the band played a set best described as a mix of 70s, 80s, and 90s. Their live show is nothing short of wild, crazy, and brilliant – a show of guaranteed fun!

We caught up with the trio Jacob A.M. (lead singer & bass guitar), Vega (guitarist & backing vocals), & Danny Stix (drums & backing vocals), just before they were about to head off to their next destination.

The band tell us of their unique story, and give a few words of advice to anyone looking to follow their dreams saying:

If you believe in what you do – do it, no matter about about your job, or about your life…” – Jacob A.M.

StOp, sToP have a very inspiring, strong work ethic, they left everything behind to be in this band. They won’t stop until they achieve their dreams. A band to keep your eye on this year!

Watch the full interview here:

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