Brian Aberback Releases His Favourite Excerpt From ‘Black Sabbath: Pioneers Of Heavy Metal’

Brian Aberback an esteemed writer/author from New Jersey has recently written and released an educational book on Black Sabbath, titled ‘Black Sabbath: Pioneers of Heavy Metal‘. The book is an unauthorized ‘rockography’ which puts together all Aberbacks knowledge and facts about the band, from the years.

Aberback has released his favourite excerpt from the book which reads:

“While riding a ferry to Germany for a series of concerts in the summer of 1969, the men of Earth decided to change their band’s name. They had already written a song that fit their music perfectly, and now it was to become their name: Black Sabbath. In Germany, Osbourne wrote a letter to his mother that, looking back, was quite prophetic. He said that he wrote, “We just changed the name of the band from Earth to Black Sabbath, maybe we’ll make the big time now. Upon returning to England, Black Sabbath’s manager had finally managed to get the band a record deal after being rejected on his first fourteen attempts. Black Sabbath was given one day – October 16, 1969 – to record the album at Regent Sound Studios in London. Their budget was 500 pounds, the equivalent of $720.”

The book is thoroughly researched and informative aiming to appeal to middle and high school students alike, as well as music enthusiasts. It is also a means for parents to teach their kids about the music that shaped their earlier years. ‘Black Sabbath: Pioneers of Heavy Metal’ can  be purchased in soft cover editions online so if you love the band then grab yourself  a copy!

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