Brutal Assault 2016: More bands confirmed

Brutal Assault 2016 continues to add to its already incredible line-up of bands from across the globe for the festival in August.  The organisers recently announced that the following would be a part of the growing line-up bringing even more top class acts to the stage;

  1. Animals As Leaders
  2. Behemoth
  3. Cattle Decapitation
  4. Knuckledust
  5. Mithras
  6. Mgła
  7. Mono
  8. Mutoid
  9. Misery Loves Co

It was also confirmed that Behemoth would headline one of the of the festivals days although it is unconfirmed at this stage which day exactly.

The festival tickets still remain at 72,00 EUR for the 4-day festival pass and are available until April 30th, 2016.

In case you missed our last news piece on this festival be sure to check out the below video of last years event to get an idea of what to expect.

Go! Go get your tickets now!

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