Welsh rockers Kids In Glass Houses have had a busy 2012, playing what feels like almost every festival on UK soil and beyond, and while they’ve been holed away writing and recording songs for the follow up to 2011’s release In Gold Blood, the quintet penned a special Christmas anthem that looks to be ours and many other rock fans’ festive favourites of the year!

Premiered on Radio 1 a few days ago, the Cardiff clan have recorded a music video to coincide with the release, called Secret Santa!

Of the single, Aled is quoted as saying

While we were demo-ing for our next album, Iain [Mahanty, guitar] emailed over this idea that he’d “quickly” knocked together at home for a bit of fun. We’ve always talked about doing a Christmas track for a laugh and in the vein of all those classics, and this song has every bell, glock and Christmas cliché we could muster.

One morning, I was really hungover and pressed record on my laptop; the words and melody fell out in one take. It basically describes the slightly more “adult” side of the festive season – the office parties and the like. It’s all very tongue in cheek and camp, but I think we did the tradition some justice!

Check out Secret Santa below!

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