Portland’s STONECREEP have released a promo video of a demo recording for their latest track ‘Night and the Formless Beyond’.

The track will be included on a batch of new material as a follow-up to ‘The Deathcrush Marches On’, a release that the band originally released themselves which was then re-issued by Old School Metal Records.

STONECREEP stated that, “We started pre-production on the new album last winter/spring, and these demos were the result.  ‘Night and the Formless Beyond’, along with the other songs will usher in a new era for STONECREEP.  The new songs are cold, bleak, and classic-sounding.  You can hear elements of the band that have always been there, but we’ve now moved into something very different, very special.”

For more information and updates visit the bands official FACEBOOK page.

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