It’s with great sadness that we have to announce that Floridian metalcore mob Underoath have decided to call it a day after 15 years. With a 1 million strong fan base on Facebook, this has certainly come as a shock to all of us here at RAM Zine, as well as other fans worldwide.

The band have released the statement below.

“It’s sad to say that we feel like it’s time to close this chapter, but we have never seen things more clearly, these have been the best years of my entire life, and I owe that to every single person who ever supported this band along the way,” vocalist Spencer Chamberlain says. “This wasn’t a quick decision by any means. It’s just time for us to move on.”

Keyboardist Chris Dudley added, “Over the past decade or so of our lives, we have been able to live a dream traveling the world, playing music that excites us, and meeting more amazing people than we could have ever fathomed. This couldn’t be a more bittersweet moment for us. We have accomplished more, met more friends, seen more places and have just done more than we could have ever imagined, and we really wanted to just go out on the highest note possible. That’s why we have put together a group of great friends and musicians for what will be our final tour ever. We are taking every moment of this tour as an opportunity to say goodbye to you all, as well as celebrate what has taken place over all these years. The love we have and the debt of gratitude that we owe to all of you is not able to be measured in any way.”

To clearly mark the end of an amazing era, the band will be releasing Anthology 1999-2013 on 6th November on Solid State Records, ahead of a farewell tour in the new year. The album will feature just some of Underoath’s finest work in celebration of their impressive 15 year run, and these tracks old and new are sure to be on the setlist for their final tour, for y’all to sing and scream to your heart’s content.

“We don’t take this very lightly and it’s heartbreaking for all of us, but all good things must come to an end. We love all of you and hope to see you again soon.”

Details of where the farwell tour will be hitting will be released next week.

We here at RAM Zine wish Underoath all the best with their future endeavors.

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