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Hevy Festival Pre-Review

Festivals come thick and fast during the summer months in the UK, but none with more of a spirited growth such as this year’s Hevy Fest. In its fourth year now, the festival boasts a large following for any Rock or Metal fan; converging in the fields of Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent in its most recent years, ...

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New Riot ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ Track Review

By Oli Bateman   Its 2003, I’m Thirteen years old, and I’m being crowd surfed from the back of the main hall at Exeter Uni, right to the front of the stage for the hundredth time that evening. The support acts as I vaguely remember them, were a punk band called the Riot Dolls, and another band that were just ...

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Polar 'Iron Lungs' Review

Polar ‘Iron Lungs’ Review

Review by Oli Bateman Having stormed the hardcore scene in 2011, POLAR are set to do exactly the same again in 2012. Boasting the largest circle pit of last year at Hevy Fest, the band obviously has the right amount of inextinguishable fuel to light a crowd’s fire. Their debut album has a lot to live up to after the ...

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