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CASKET FEEDER mix murky death metal and vicious hardcore to great effect!

British death metal scumbags Casket Feeder have cursed us yet again and brought misery to the world by means of this wicked 5-track EP of theirs bearing the charming title that is Scalps. Following last year’s Venomous Tongues EP, Scalps is basically more of the same, but delivered with even more conviction and spite compared to earlier on. The way ...

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Rotting Christ – Their Greatest Spells

Up there as one of the greatest musical exports Greece has offered our community, Rotting Christ have been able to release into the world a monumental amount of music in their time. A career as a band now spanning 30 years of greatness, and the reason behind this release. A band not unfamiliar with controversy, their name has caused stirs ...

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Kły – Szczerzenie 

Although Kły were established as far back as 1997, the band only released their first demo, Taran-Gai, only last year. Now, steaming ahead they release their first full length album in the form of Szczerzenie. Featuring six tracks: ‘Bliże’, ‘Wypełni’, ‘Jeżeli’, ‘Pogranicze’, ‘Kłysica’ and ‘Dale’ the roots of the album are said to lie in a “melancholic Burzum-like black metal ...

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Koniec Pola – CY

Members of Licho, S., Wędrowcy~Tułacze~Zbiegi and Strzępy got together two years to take a different musical approach post-rock, black metal and experimental music. Now that collective, going under the name Koniec Pola​ have released their debut album, Cy. The name Koniec Pola​ can be translated from Polish to mean “The End of the Field” and that’s also apt for the ...

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Above Aurora – Path to Ruin

Black metal trio Above Aurora will release a new mini-album, Path to Ruin, on 6th April. Path to Ruin follows Above Aurora’s 2016 debut album Onwards Desolation, and features the singularly lettered V on vocals and guitars, D on bass, and O on drums. It features three tracks: ‘Delusional Disorder’, ‘Abyssal Hades’, and ‘Path to Ruin’. The record was recorded at Studio Emissary ...

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Asenblut – Legenden

German pagan metal band Asenblut have released Legenden a new EP available that includes the title track, four re-recordings of early material, plus a bonus cover. Based in Göttingen, the band formed ten years ago and released their debut album Aufbruch in 2009, embracing black metal, thrash, melodic death metal and traditional heavy metal within their sound, followed it with ...

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The Dreadful Symphonies – Charity Compilation!

The Dreadful Symphonies is a compilation album now available that is limited to 616 copies in a CD jewel case format through The Crowd Went Crazy Records, and digitally through Bandcamp. All proceeds will go towards the medical costs of the two-and-a-half year old daughter of Marcin Jaworski, guitarist/bassist with The Dead Goats, who is suffering from a malignant brain ...

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Varmia – W Ciele Nie

Black metal folk band  Varmia release their second album W Ciele Nie on 20th April through Pagan Records. The band’s name is taken from the historical region of Warmia in Poland, their lyrical content inspired by the area’s pre-Slavic heritage while also using Slavic instruments recorded live. W Ciele Nie was recorded in a makeshift studio in an old barn, while the ...

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Sepultura/ Obscura/ Goatwhore/ Fit For An Autopsy @ The Fleece, Bristol

One thing’s for sure, Fit For An Autopsy won’t be someone’s little opening bitch this evening. Despite all the deathcore wannabes we’ve had to wade knee high to get through, the strongest of these bands are now showing their true colour. With FFAA firmly in the superior camp after showcasing what they’re capable of, their progressive maturity in their sound ...

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Satyricon by Christian Misje - 2307_WEB.jpg

Satyricon play venue located inside a cave in Norway!

The Norwegian black metal institution that is Satyricon recently embarked on a club tour in their native country, which, luckily, included a visit to Hulen in Bergen on a cold and bleak Wednesday night. Not surprisingly, the gig was sold out and the room was crammed with people. Witnessing a band of this size at a small, intimate venue such ...

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