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Gorycz Debut With Piach

Gorycz have signed to Pagan Records, with whom they will release their debut album Piach. The Polish band’s name translated into English means bitterness, but there don’t appear to be any regrets on how they came together. Gorycz were formed in 2016 when ex-Aeon members Przemek Grabowski (Guitars) and Tomek Kukliński (Vocals) decided to return to the roots of their first ...

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The Mystery of Kły

Who are Kły? A trio, apparently, but no one knows for certain, or at least that’s what they claim. They are signed to Pagan Records, that’s a part of the story we can confirm. Kły were established in 1997, and yet this mysterious band only released their first demo last year, and it went by title Taran-Gai. Their first full length ...

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Furia Vinyl Releases

Nekrofolk act Furia are refreshing their discography with brand new vinyl reissues of their releases through Pagan Records. Established in Katowice, Poland in 2003, Furia have been described as the godfathers of nekrofolk, being the most popular and prolific creation of the Let the World Burn collective. They introduced elements of folk along with abstract poetic themes into the black metal scene, ...

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ATTAN are a darkened force of thick pure aggression

This is where hope comes to die and Attan is its executioner. Spawning from a place where sunlight doesn’t exist for six months of the year, Attan are a darkened force of thick pure aggression who dance with calamity. The five-piece have been building to this moment since they unleashed their rabid EP From Nothing back in 2015. Stretching out the ...

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The Pulse Of Bliss – An Interview With Vulture Industries

Compelling, experimental, and highly original, the avantgarde metal ensemble known as Vulture Industries have captivated and challenged music addicts around the globe for 15 years now. Their elusive and charmingly eccentric frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen invited RAMzine into the band’s dark and twisted world… Musically speaking, Vulture Industries has never been a predictable entity. Was the will and determination to ...

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IMMORTAL return with demonic delight ‘Northern Chaos Gods’

Following a somewhat acrimonious split with former Immortal guitarist/vocalist Abbath, the renowned ensemble were suddenly reduced to a duo revolving around the highly talented drummer Horgh and skilled songwriter Demonaz (guitars, vocals, and lyrics). Fans, critics, and even the casual listeners were skeptical and many had doubts as to whether Immortal would be able to continue with just the two ...

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Black Fast

Review: Black Fast – Spectre of Ruin

After the explosive impact of their last release, I was excited to hear Black Fast‘s latest musical offering. On the surface, Spectre of Ruin is a solid metal album. It has ferocious energy, top-tier production, and is consistently heavy throughout. I can’t help but feel though that the overall product is quite generic. There are a few moments, such as the bridge ...

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CASKET FEEDER mix murky death metal and vicious hardcore to great effect!

British death metal scumbags Casket Feeder have cursed us yet again and brought misery to the world by means of this wicked 5-track EP of theirs bearing the charming title that is Scalps. Following last year’s Venomous Tongues EP, Scalps is basically more of the same, but delivered with even more conviction and spite compared to earlier on. The way ...

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Rotting Christ – Their Greatest Spells

Up there as one of the greatest musical exports Greece has offered our community, Rotting Christ have been able to release into the world a monumental amount of music in their time. A career as a band now spanning 30 years of greatness, and the reason behind this release. A band not unfamiliar with controversy, their name has caused stirs ...

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Kły – Szczerzenie 

Although Kły were established as far back as 1997, the band only released their first demo, Taran-Gai, only last year. Now, steaming ahead they release their first full length album in the form of Szczerzenie. Featuring six tracks: ‘Bliże’, ‘Wypełni’, ‘Jeżeli’, ‘Pogranicze’, ‘Kłysica’ and ‘Dale’ the roots of the album are said to lie in a “melancholic Burzum-like black metal ...

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