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Taake and Whoredom Rife

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife team up for split EP

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife recently teamed up for this superb split EP entitled Pakt consisting of four glorious compositions (two by each entity, that is) that encompass everything that makes said genre so utterly marvelous to immerse oneself in. Rich in atmosphere and chilling to the bone, both musical enterprises have managed to conjure up some ...

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God Dethroned Become Enlightened With ‘Illuminati’

Dutch blackened death metal battalion God Dethroned are once again ready to crusade across Europe as they embark on a tour cycle for their new release, Illuminati which drops February 7th via Metal Blade Records. Illuminati sees the band alter their sound slightly, on this record they wanted to present a fuller, deeper arrangement of tracks and the end result is really ...

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Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter clocks in and turns up the metal on ‘Night Shift’

When you think of emerging metal scenes your mind doesn’t immediately go to the African continent, and you’d be forgiven for that. Gary Stautmeister, however, is about to change everything with his Zimbabwe-based solo project Nuclear Winter and his new album Night Shift. With the trend of one-man acts growing within the heavy metal world, it’s becoming increasingly important and that ...

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The Yellow Book Of December

Picture Ann unearth The Yellow Book of December

The latest digital single by the experimental metal weirdos Picture Ann evocatively entitled ‘The Yellow Book of December‘ is out now – just in time to ruin Christmas for all of you this year – and the tune reeks of horror and all the vile things that make life worth leaving. Boasting slightly more straightforward and simple song structures and ...

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Raging Fires & Medieval Injustice – An Interview With Pagan Black Metallers Kaldvard

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the upcoming record entitled Dømt til Bål og Brann by the Norwegian entity known as Kaldvard, and it literally blew me away by means of its epic melodies, crushing riffs, and evocative atmosphere. Now, their debut offering (Fossegrimens Pant, 2018) was a solid slab of melodic pagan metal with bombast aplenty ...

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Picture Ann


Picture Ann was spawned back in 2009 with the aim of composing and recording lo-fi metal/ambient/minimalistic rock music rather intuitively and on the spur of the moment. Raw, unfiltered crap, really. A long line of singles, EPs, and abums have seen the light of day since then with the sinister single that is Bloodlines being the latest proper release by ...

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Underground US black metal outfit SYN release free digital demo

Back in August this year, the relatively new US black metal trio named SYN released their first-ever rehearsal demo containing three venomous compositions that display both depth and skill. The songs were all captured and recorded live during rehearsals and the result is as raw and unfiltered as it gets. The cursed thing was originally released on cassette in a ...

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Non Opus Dei’s Eighth

Deep within that bottomless black metal pit over in Poland, Non Opus Dei  prepare to release their eighth studio album Głód on 23rd September through Pagan Records. “The concept of Głód (Famine) was inspired by some ritual practises from the territory of Poland, especially Warmia,” according to guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Klimorh. “The practises survived in spoken folklore until today. They can also ...

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Narrenwind – Ja, Dago

Narrenwind, featuring multi-instrumentalist Ævil and vocalist Klimørh, only got together last summer, by the end of the year their debut album was released. Wasting no time, they’re back with second album Ja, Dago. And, to paraphrase Lord Coverdale, on behalf of our Polish black metal cousins, here’s a story for ya… “Eons ago, before the oceans drank Atlantis, the race of ...

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GosT bring their mix of black metal and synthwave to London supported by Orax

The past decade has seen Synthwave creep its way into pop culture, with film and TV shows such as ‘Drive’ and ‘Stranger Things’ adopting the 80s nostalgia fuelled genre as part of their incredibly distinctive soundtracks. With its ever growing popularity, producers have begun to shape synthwave into a much more versatile sound, ranging from the mellow works of HOME and ...

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