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Behemoth, At The Gates, Wolves In The Throne Room at Bristol’s Marble Factory

The feeling of evil in the air is as thick as tar. Marely being in the presence of Behemoth in the same building is enough to send shivers down the spine of any god-fearing person. Though it shouldn’t be god that they fear tonight. In a staggering three song set, the wide black metal landscape that Wolves In The Throne ...

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Behemoth release new teaser video

Polish black metal titans Behemoth have posted a new teaser video. The new video reveals that the band will be releasing the first single from their upcoming album The Satanist, titled Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel on December 4th. Check out the teaser below! Fans can pre-order the new single via iTunes or on one of only 2000 12″ vinyl EPs ...

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