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Possessed “The truest way to be original is to be yourself” Bloodstock 2017 Interview

As part of the 1980s San Francisco metal scene –Possessed are seen as one of the ‘original’ death-metal bands (if not the first). Recently signed to Nuclear Blast, it is certain that Possessed will release their first album for 32 years in 2018. We caught up with founding member and vocalist Jeff Becerra at Bloodstock 2017 to talk about how the ...

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decapitated anticult

Review: Decapitated – Anticult

Decapitated are a band that since the very beginning have been sat on the throne of technical death metal. Their musical ability on the debut ‘Winds of Creation’ instantly had them deservedly make a name for themselves, even now, hearing that album blows minds, their creativity was miles ahead of its time. Even more impressive though, is that they were all ...

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Blood Red Throne

Live: Blood Red Throne, Met Lounge Peterborough

Peterborough is a funny old place, a breeding ground for plenty of local talent, home of bands like P.S.O.T.Y, The Infernal Sea and Vendetta to name a few. The last two having recently both played at our favourite UK metal festival Bloodstock Open Air (a festival that has much in common with plenty of tonight’s line-up). Despite this though, there ...

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Vampire reveal details on upcoming album ‘With Primeval Force’

Swedish death metallers Vampire have revealed information on their upcoming new album ‘With Primeval Force’ , which will be released on April 21st. Those who pre-order the album will get the new track ‘Revenants’. Check it out below: “With Primeval Force” is going to be released as limited deluxe CD Digipak (unfolding to cross shape), deluxe LP (with Gatefold sleeve, ...

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Review: Warcrab – Scars of Aeons

A while back, Warcrab dropped Scars of Aeons, a 5-track master class in death metal. In a period where we have seen so many high-profile bands release some great (and not so great) albums, it is great to see the lesser known bands not only keeping up but in this case, surpass the releases of those big ones.Scars of Aeons by ...

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Cannibal Corpse record brutal theme song for ‘Squidbillies’

Aired on October 30th, Squidbillies Halloween Special called ‘Squid B’Gosh’ enlisted the skills of one of death metals finest, Cannibal Corpse, to create the most brutal theme song possible. Renowned producer and Hate Eternal vocalist/guitarist Erik Rutan spoke out of his experience on the collaboration: “The producers of Squidbillies contacted Cannibal Corpse and asked them to record the theme song ...

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dead dawn

Review: Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

Entombed is a name that will always be remembered. Through decades they developed themselves often and always found a particular sound that was just them, especially early on with the buzz-saw tone of ‘Left Hand Path’ and ‘Clandestine’, for example, then venturing into a more ‘death ‘n’ roll’ sound. Multiple line-up changes through the years, and album after album, Entombed ...

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Black metallers Khanus debut EP release

Khanus release their debut EP ‘Rites of Fire’ today, the 23rd of February with a sound of soul destroyed, blackened, death metal. Beginning back in 2015 by Sovereign (Wrathage/Selcouth) in expect massive death metal stories influenced by the likes of shamans and metaphysics, this blackened metal will give you the musical out of the world feeling. ‘Rites of Fire’ is ...

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British Death Metal royalty join forces for new band Memoriam.

Deep in the heart of Birmingham stirs a new force in the British death metal scene has come about as they set to take up arms and make everyone stand to attention in Memoriam. Members include: Karl Willetts – vocals (Bolt Thrower) Frank Healy – bass (Benediction/Sacrilege) Scott Fairfax – guitar (ex-Cerebral Fix) Andy Whale – drums (ex-Bolt Thrower) Starting ...

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Alan Cassidy of Black Dahlia Murder. Photo by Jay Russell.

Interview: Alan Cassidy, Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder are currently on a tour across Europe in support of their latest album Abysmal which was released back in September 2015. We caught up with drummer Alan Cassidy prior to the doors opening for what was to be a fantastic night of quality metal in one of London’s most iconic music venues The Underworld in Camden. ...

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