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Glenn Hughes Ready for November Shows

Having had to postpone the second part of his Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live UK tour, for health reasons, earlier in the year, the bass player/vocalist is busy preparing for some substantial UK activity this winter. His rescheduled tour takes place this November, with support slots in the form of Dead Sea Skulls and Piston for assorted shows. ...

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Glenn Hughes Reschedules Tour

Voice of Rock Glenn Hughes had to cancel his UK tour at the last minute to be treated for an illness that – while not life threatening – had to be dealt with immediately in order for it to not becoming serious. The vocalist and bass player is expected to make a full recovery and hopes to continue his Glenn ...

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More Classic Deep Purple Live in 2019

With his recent UK tour headlined as Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live there are obviously a lot of happy promoters and venues out there following the sold-out shows and all concerned have been quick to take notice with a fresh set of concerts now planned for next year. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Hughes joined ...

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Glenn Hughes Interview

Black Country Communion, Black Sabbath and Trapeze are among the bands Glenn Hughes has played and sung with, alongside investing time in a healthy solo career in more recent years. Now the Cannock-born vocalist and bass player is putting the two sides of his musical career together . September through to October will find Hughes’ solo band performing with him ...

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Joe Satriani – What Happens Next

This is how it happens. You walk casually across the room, forgetting for a moment where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Then a barrage of sound hits you square in the back of the head. You turn wandering what on earth this assault on your ear drums is; looking at speakers bellowing away your memory lapse fades as you ...

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Rainbow rising on Memories In Rock II

Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore surprised the rock world by reforming Rainbow for a series of European and UK concerts. Most people thought this a one-off and all they were left with was Memories In Rock I – Live In Germany as an audio memento. Only the man in black did it again and now Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow  rise once more and not ...

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Joe Lynn Turner Performs in Bergen, Norway

The former Rainbow and Deep Purple vocalist that is the legendary Joe Lynn Turner is still out there touring and rarely (if ever) puts on an anticlimactic show. Yours truly has caught quite a few performances by Turner over the years and has never gone home even remotely disappointed afterwards. The man possesses a set of heavenly pipes and there ...

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Rainbow reveal first new track in 22 years ‘Waiting For A Sign’

In 2017 legendary gutiarist Ritchie Blackmore made one of the least expected moves of his career. No, he didn’t teach a giraffe to ride a unicycle…I don’t know if anyone has done that before. What I meant was: he reformed rock icons Rainbow, placing himself back on lead guitar duties. After a few live dates and sub-sequential live blu-ray, fans ...

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Black Country Communion – Wolverhampton Civic Hall, January 2nd 2018

I can trace my Black Country roots back to the 15th century. It’s not so much in pride as defence I declare this to a woman from West Bromwich who’s got a thing against “Brummies”.  In fact it’s incredibly territorial in Wolverhampton tonight, there’s a tall bloke proclaiming loudly: “He’s one of us and comes from Cannock!” That Glenn Hughes ...

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Blackmores Night Winter Carols

Blackmore’s Night – Winter Carols

The folk rock outfit Blackmore’s Night, which is spearheaded by the talented Candice Night and the living legend that is Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow), has been quite prolific and productive ever since its inception back in 1997. Countless albums and releases have seen the light of day since then, but the actual quality of the music has wavered a ...

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