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Seon | Photos by Ashley Crowson

Soen leave an impressive and unforgettable impression on the O2 Islington

Sometimes going to a gig without any prior knowledge or listening to the bands can be a fine line between fantastic and dreadful. You can come away feeling completely euphoric and blown away, or the polar opposite, and get more annoyed the more you dwell on the time and money wasted. Rarely do you find any medium between. With Soen, ...

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Ghost Iris

Ghost Iris design hard-hitters & heart pounding stompers on Apple Of Discord

By being a leading outfit in the ever expansive metalcore scene, Danish band Ghost Iris, provide another level of brashness with their new record Apple Of Discord. The act, pulverise the notion of playing cool, of lowering the sound that they’ve wholeheartedly created. Skimping isn’t in their DNA, running scared isn’t an option, playing loud, unapologetic, music is their absolute ...

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Ghost Iris - Blind World

Review: Ghost Iris – Blind World

With its large strides of djent pulverising your ears along with a raucous vocal edge that is ripe for hand banging, Blind World is sounding absolutely superb. It is a great concoction of metalcore and djent with progressive slurs in there too. ‘Gods of Neglect’ is certainly a powerful track that constitutes bedlam of the highest degree. ‘Save Yourself’ swoops in and ...

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