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Tigertailz and Suzi Chunk release special version of ‘Fall In Love Again’

Glam rockers Tigertailz have recorded a special version of ‘Fall In Love Again’ with the help of singer Suzi Chunk. This is to commemorate 10 years since the passing of their bass player Pepsi Tate to cancer. The special version of the track will be released on Saturday September 16th, with the video premiering at the band’s tribute show to ...

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Review: Tigertailz – Blast!

Ever since their 1990 album titled “Bezerk” the Glam-tastik Welsh band TIGERTAILZ have deteriorated faster than a loaf of crusty French bread eaten in a warm bath. It is not just that the kids these days are not into gaudy glitter any longer… No, it’s also because glam music is all about style ‘n’ pose over substance. And that kinda ...

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Interview: Tigertailz

We had the chance to sit down with Welsh glam-metallers Tigertailz a couple of hours before their set started at the Underworld in London. Their UK tour kicked off on the 8th of April and this was only their third date so we found them in the best shape.Formed in the mid-1980s by bassist Justin Smith (known to fans as ...

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