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Raging Fires & Medieval Injustice – An Interview With Pagan Black Metallers Kaldvard

I recently had the pleasure of immersing myself in the upcoming record entitled Dømt til Bål og Brann by the Norwegian entity known as Kaldvard, and it literally blew me away by means of its epic melodies, crushing riffs, and evocative atmosphere. Now, their debut offering (Fossegrimens Pant, 2018) was a solid slab of melodic pagan metal with bombast aplenty ...

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Malnàtt ‘Principia Discordia’ Album Review

Formed in Bologna, Italy in 1999, Malnàtt has moved away from the folk approach of the early albums to focus on much more extreme and experimental sounds. ‘Principia Discordia’, Produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) is the fifth full-length album released by Malnàtt and is a tale told in an unexpected way. Malnàtt’s humorous approach contrasts superbly with their obscure ...

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