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Diamond Head

Diamond Head, Burnt Out Wreck, Saints of Sin, Neuronspoiler, Alteration – Four Sticks Weekender Four Sticks Weekender

Finding our way south of the river we see our way through the hustle and bustle of the capital’s maze of streets and tube lines to New Cross. Here a fantastic live venue with that cosy pub feel is embracing a three day live music festival of which we are lucky enough to enjoy the first day of. As with ...

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Neuronspoiler – Emergence

With collective feet grounded in the New Wave of Heavy Metal sounds of the 80s and their guitarists’ fingers itching to play out the neo-classical power metal game, Neuronspoiler are a multi-national UK-based band whose debut album has been produced Guillermo Maya (The Answer, Adrian Smith etc). In this day and age you have to dazzle from the outset to ...

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