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The Merciless Book Of Metal

At last there’s a book that will tantalise and produce fables to tell over several pints about all things that rock in the night. ‘The Merciless Book Of Metal Lists’ will be hitting books stores from April 9th! Featuring contributions from rock Gods of the like of Scott Ian (Anthrax) Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly) Gary Holt (Exdous) and loads more. The ...

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Pantera ‘Vulgar Display of Power’

‘Vulgar Display of Power’ was the reanimation the metal scene needed. Sure that string of Metallica albums are now considered seminal and still are. But the relentless chugging of the tracks became a little vanilla. Pantera introduced a groove and pace change much needed in genre that was becoming increasingly flacid. With the invasion of grunge rock, it seemed metal ...

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