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Steve Hill The One-Man Blues Rock Band – In Concert

Steve Hill’s Solo Recording series of albums are pretty much all recorded live, so what could an actual album recorded live in front of a Canadian audience offer us that we couldn’t get on the studio ones? Audience participation? How many classic live albums were filled with false applause? And hasn’t the live album been denigrated to little more than ...

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Steve Hill

Steve Hill – The One-Man Blues Rock Band

Steve Hill releases a new 14 track live album, The One-Man Blues Rock Band, on Manhaton Records in the UK on Friday 11th May. “The one-man band style has made Steve Hill the top star in the Canadian blues scene right now,” said Bob Mersereau of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, regarding the performer playing guitar, drums and whatever comes to hand as ...

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RavenEye, Skam, Dead Shed Jokers – A hard helping of ultra-polished rock!

The Globe, Cardiff  Fair play, anyone who can get a people off their arse to a show on a Monday night must be doing something fucking right. Not a bad turnout in the Welsh capital who still seemed to be drunk-pumped from the rugby result a few days prior. “So, who’s been to North Korea then?” cautiously chuckles Dead Shed ...

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Steve Hill – Solo Recordings Volume 3

One man band Steve Hill hails from Canada, but you may have caught him supporting Wishbone Ash’s Martin Turner late last year. If you missed him, he’ll be back this way again in May as special guest on King King’s latest round of concerts and selected dates with Danny Bryant. It’s most likely a sight worth seeing: multi-tasking by playing guitar, ...

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Juno Award Winner Steve Hill – New Single, Album & UK Tour

One-man band blues rock machine Steve Hill has a new album Solo Recordings: Volume 3 out in the UK through No Label Records in the UK on Friday 6th October 2017, just ahead of a 27 date October/November tour supporting Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash. The Montreal Gazette calls Hill “the meanest guitar player in Canada”. His Solo Recordings Volume 1 was nominated ...

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