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Varg - Götterdämmerung

Review: Varg – Götterdämmerung (God’s Dawn)

Immediately you can feel that vibe as German metallers Varg take to the speakers and rip you a new one. That Pagan beat and melodic groove that allows you to flirt with it before it takes control of your very being is just ground-breaking. Vocally seething and raw it bites like a champion pit bull, however, it does contain its ...

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Review: Varg – Das Ende aller Lugen

With a rumble and a German sampled voice the album is underway. I love the German lingo – it really gives your tongue a good workout! This track is speaking over some intense music as the voice gets angrier you find it is in keeping with the title. ‘Das Ende aller Lügen’ – The snarling vocal and angry grooves plough ...

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