Electric Eye - From the Poisonous Tree

Review: Electric Eye – From the Poisonous Tree

Electric Eye are a Norwegian band and From The Poisonous Tree is their third album. Formed in 2012 by Øystein Braut, Njål Clementsen, Anders Bjelland and...

Has Glam Rock risen from the dead? Starbenders have the answer.

Hailing from somewhere deep within the time space continuum, or better known as Atlanta , USA, hauntingly fierce...

Review: Digitalife – Nemesis

DIGITALIFE was formed in August 2007 and started as an industrial metal core project by brothers Martin and Gabriel. With much pride the band...
Pit Brothers Band

Pit Brothers Band release Rock and Roll album Rosce

The Pit Brothers Band began as a collaboration between two brothers from New York, Eric (guitars/vocals) and David Pitagorsky (Keyboards, vocals). Joined by Hide...

Ben Poole – Anytime You Need Me

Ben Poole follows a similar route with Anytime You Need Me as his previous Time Has Come.  Same square-jawed good looks album photo cover...

PENGSHUi showcase a unique form in self-titled debut

PENGSHUi are a newer formation, but the men in the makeup of this trio are veteran composers with cultivated roots in a variety of...

Fuchsia II : from Psychedelia to a Distant place

This album is all about a journey. A journey that started out in the ‘Psychedelia’ of the late 1960’s London underground scene. To a ‘distant...

Review: Peter Frampton – Hummingbird in a Box

In April 2013, as part of its spring production, the Cincinnati Ballet performed a series of dances accompanied by Peter Frampton and his band...

Palace Of The King – Get Right With Your Maker

Picture some crime thriller movie where there’s a scene taking place in a strip joint. That’s how the first couple of bars of ‘I...
Fueled Hate - March of the Pigs

Review: Fueled Hate – March of the Pigs

Not only do they have a great name, they also have an amazing eye-catching cover for their new album March of the Pigs. Dirty metal...