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The People of Badgerfest 2021

It’s amazing when you go to an event and everyone is on the same page. Badgerfest was very welcoming to new and old faces. You’ll notice that for a lot of people featured in this article the words that more often came up were “family gathering”.

Personally, I’m one RAMzine writer who is not from the area, and I felt very welcome from the minute I stepped foot inside the venue. I made lots of new friends, and I’m keen to return to Manchester for more musical adventures soon. So even if you are from down south or elsewhere, Badgerfest could be one for you next year and is well worth the trip!

Shaun ‘Luigi’ Hudson from Peterborough

Badgerfest 2021
“Been a fucking great weekend, the 5-minute gap between bands is awesome. I’ll definitely be back again”Shaun ‘Luigi’ Hudson

Shaun’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Red Method, Ashen Crown, Tortured Demon.

Gem Wingfield from South Manchester

Badgerfest is about mates and inclusivity. Everyone is welcome, there’s a good atmosphere, and of course… heavy fucking metal!Gem Wingfield

Gem’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Basement Torture Killings, Iron Alter, Raging Speedhorn.

Rebecca Twamley from North Manchester 

Badgerfest is the metal family coming together, it’s pure happiness, everyone is having a blast! Rebecca Twamley

Rebecca’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Badger & The Mushrooms, Red Method, Clashmute.

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Nick Gregory from North Wales 

“It’s the best of the independent metal scene, given an appropriate stage to play to the best possible crowd” Nick Gregory

Nick’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Krysthla, Grief Ritual, Red Method, Ashen Crown, Recall The Remains, Tortured Demon… so he couldn’t choose just 3 “…but everyone smashed it!” Nick tells us.

Baz Hardman from Bury 

“Badgerfest is like a family gathering at a music festival” Baz Hardman

Baz’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Grief Ritual, Basement Torture Killings, Krystla.

Steven ‘Ste.V t’ Tottle from Manchester 

“Badgerfest is the biggest, loudest family gathering that you could go to” Steven ‘Ste.V T’ Tottle

Steven’s top 3 bands of the weekend were: Grief Ritual, Krystla, Ghosts Of Atlantis.

Jon Badger from Manchester – Creator of Badgerfest!

Top 3: “I don’t want to be biased, some of the bands who made an impression so far have been Ashen Crown, Krystla, Basement Torture Killings. It’s hard because I like all the bands, that’s why they are on the bill! I’ll leave it to the crowd to judge!”

Victoria Purcell
Editor of RAMzine - Creator of content. Chaser of Dreams. Lover of cats, metal, and anthemic sounds. \m/

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