Brandon Gibbs Ready to Leave

Brandon Gibbs has a new single out going by the handle of ‘Leave’ on Golden Robot Records.

The former guitar player and singer/songwriter with rock bands Cheap Thrill and Devil City Angels has written the song as an overview expression of what people, ranging from children to adults, deal with every single day. We all get hurt, we all get cheated and we are sometimes lied to. The defeat often sets in and we find ourselves just trying to cope and survive.

The song imagines a world where the hurt had protection, more strength in numbers and a big voice with refuge from pursuit. Simply put, “To live and let live.” If we want that dream to become reality, we all need to help and stand-up for one another.

The message: Let’s become obsessed with the well-being of our brothers and sisters and watch the tides change. Leave that boy/girl alone unless you are coming alongside them to help and be an inspiration!

You can listen, stream and/or buy ‘Leave’ by clicking here

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