Monday, February 26, 2024

Chthonic Unveil Illustrated Book

Taiwanese metal heavys Chthonic have had their lyrics brought to life in an illustrated booked called Unsealing The Bu-Tik.

Six artists from the Taiwanese Illustration arts group Yamyoukan have put together a book of illustrations that  turns historic scenes recounted in Chthonic‘s studio albums into art work.

Unsealing The Bu-Tik is available to buy HERE.

Members of Chthonic have also contributed person art work to the book. When asked about the illustrated book, comic enthusiast & Chthonic drummer Dani commented,

“I’m really grateful that Yamyoukan invited us to take part in the drawing process, so that I could pick up the drawing pen again. It’s always been a passion of mine…”

Doris, the band’s bassist, also commented,

“It has always been our dream to turn the stories behind our music into images; I feel so moved as I hold this illustrated book in my hand…”

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