De-Arrow Reactivated

20th Century Music continues its intention to spotlight acts and albums that failed to get the attention they felt was deserved back in the last millennium, as they re-present to the world is De-Arrow – An Australian five piece melodic rock band that were active from 1983 to 1989.

Guitarist Dragan Stanic and singer Juno Roxas would go onto form Roxus, whose Nightstreets album went gold, with two of the songs having been written when they were in De-Arrow. Those original versions are featured, along with other high quality demos put together by Stanic and keyboardist Noel Hart for 20th Century’s music De-Arrow album.

Originally consisting of Hart and Stanic alongside vocalist Lou Yarevski, Paul (Jackie) Gleeson on bass and drummer Mick Djokic, the rhythm section later changed to Mick Kat (bass) and Steve Kara (drums), with session vocals performed by well-known Australian singers Adrian Campbell and Juno Roxas.

Featuring AOR epics with more complex arrangements than was usually found in the musical sub-genre, they had international management and publishing deals with Kim Fowley and Peer Southern Music, and although named as one of the top 10 unsigned bands in Australia never quite made it. Now, you can get chance to hear what the world missed out on back then.

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