Johnny Casino’s Ghost Ships

Johnny Casino, the founding member and songwriter of Australian rock ´n´ roll band Asteroid B612, has more recently been living on the Mediterranean, and focussing on a solo career. To that end he’s just released a cover of the Chris Bailey/Saints song ‘Ghost Ships’ as anew single.

The song harks back to the heartland; a deep and soulful rock track that oozes roots, blues and a tinge of acoustic country. It’s a taster from his forthcoming new album Vibrations, Yours And Mine that is set for release early 2020 through Golden Robot Records.

“Living in Spain I have found myself playing a lot of solo concerts all throughout Spain and into Europe, so I had the idea to record a bunch of songs in this more intimate stripped back way,“ said the singer.

“I went into Estudio Tigruss in Els Poblets, Spain with nothing more than a guitar and a handful of ideas in my hands and mind, I sat down in front of the microphone and started singing and playing almost exactly as I do when I play solo, three or four hours later I had recorded 12 songs in a live performance, kinda way.

What you have here is a collection of songs, yours and mine, and the vibrations that travel through them and connect all or at least some of us.”

Casino himself is a man less content to follow the path of normality & certainty, preferring venture outside his comfort zone and take a chance on whatever comes his way.

Born John A Spittles, Casino’s musical journey began with a high stakes wager. On the back of a flatbed truck, and in front of the winning post of a racecourse in the Australian country town of Mudgee, at the age of 14 he played his first show in front of a biker gang by the name of The God Squad.

The aforementioned Asteroid B612, Philadelphia PA´s Johnny Casino´s Easy Action and Johnny Casino & The Secrets (with a rotating line-up of Aussie rock stars) followed when the boy became a man; equally at home in the high-octane atmosphere of Motor City garage rock, the fundamental three chord riffage of 50s rock ’n’ roll, the charismatic soul of Philadelphia or the dusty plains of Cali country. All with spiritual guidance courtesy of Chuck Berry, The MC5, Berry Gordy & Gram Parsons.

You can stream/purchase ‘Ghost Ships’ by Johnny Casino by clicking here.

You can also hear Johnny Casino on Bandcamp.


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