Thursday, November 30, 2023

Night Birds Premiere New Single

East coast born  Night Birds have unveiled their new single, Maimed  for the Masses,  to the world on Brooklyn Vegan. The song is the title track from their new EP, due out May 7th 2013Maimed for the Masses is your first taste of their upcoming full length album, Born to Die in Suburbia, to be released this summer on Grave Mistake Records.

When asked about the new single, Brian Gorsegner, vocalist of the surf punk rock band replied:

“Maimed for the Masses’ is about giving something you love your all, even if it means bloodying and destroying yourself along the way, because it is all you know. Whether it is playing rock & roll, skateboarding or wrestling, it’s that ‘play to destroy’ mentality that us truly inspiring. This song is more specifically an ode to wrestled Mick Foley. These are some of my favourite lyrics Joe has ever written and I am glad to finally have it on wax.”

You can pre-order the single here.

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