Tarot Rats Future Revealed

Kent-based rock band Tarot Rats has released a new single – ‘Only the Brave (Will Remain)’ through WDFD Records Ltd.

“Filthy riffs and soulful melodies” are what we’re told to expect from a band with unique take on indie blues rock.                 ‘

The single is taken from Tarot Rats’ forthcoming album and available as a free download (along with previous single ‘Pseudo’) when pre-ordering the CD via their website here.

“Once I saw them play live and heard the tracks it was an easy decision to make” said WDFD’s Keith Lamely on deciding to sign the band.

RAMZine readers can see why checking out a video for ‘Only the Brave (Will Remain)’ filmed during Tarot Rats’ recent appearance at the Wildfire Festival.


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