Blind River

Blind River – Made of Dirt

It was somehow two years to the day that Blind River released their first, self-titled release, when Made of Dirt came out on Monday....
Bleed From Within

Bleed From Within – Fracture

Like your metal fast, filled with groove, technical prowess and a bark to match its bite? Then Bleed From Within's Fracture is the choice...

Review: Bombus – Repeat Until Death

Bombus are a band that went under the radar for me until December, when I was off to London to witness the glory of Clutch,...
Thee MVPs

Thee MVPs create an antidote for our modern dystopia on debut album, ‘Science Fiction’

Today, Leeds-based rock dynamos Thee MVPs have released their debut album, Science Fiction. The album title in itself serves as a hint to what...
Pure Reason Revolution

Pure Reason Revolution reform for Eupnea

After the release of their 2011 album, Hammer and Anvil, Pure Reason Revolution (PRR) parted ways to engage in other musical ventures, but in...

Wildnite release their classic 80s-style glam rock self-titled debut

There is something awfully charming about the hard-hitting Norwegian sleaze rockers collectively known as Wildnite. The fact that they are so young and yet...

Little Caesar – Eight

Little Caesar were one of those bands who should have made it big, or that’s what I’ve read. I missed them when they first...
Tainted Lady

Tainted Lady – Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War

Tainted Lady are a Danish-based band whose influences are as diverse as Deep Purple, Skid Row and The Beatles, and they've toured with both...
Heron Time Immemorial

Dark, oppressive, hope crushing force Heron release Time Immemorial

Dark and dreary times can have come for all, and not all music can be bright and cheerful, thankfully for those that relish in...
theFALLEN ‘Bury Your Demons’ Album Review

theFALLEN ‘Bury Your Demons’ Album Review

Being someone that is largely unfamiliar with this band or their body of work, I didn’t quite know what to anticipate. Needless to say, by the end of the album