Wednesday, November 29, 2023
The Byrds

The Byrds – On Track Andy Mcarthur (Sonicbund Publications)

The Byrds are one of those bands of whom it can truly be said they were a seminal band, in that their influence extended...
Nightwish - On Track: Every Album, Every Song

Nightwish – On Track: Every Album, Every Song

It says something about how big a band have become in their home country when the departure of the lead singer prompts questions in...
Deep Purple - A Visual History 1968-76

Deep Purple – A Visual History 1968-76 (Rufus Publications)

Revised by author Chris Charlesworth from his original 1982 text, with intro and outro sections added, and written with the full cooperation of Deep...
Queen In The Seventies

Queen In The Seventies

It would be fair to say that Queen have moved away from being merely a rock band towards being a musical phenomenon, with a...
RUSH - Portraits

RUSH – Portraits Edition (Rufus Publications)

By the end of the period covered by this book, the early eighties, Rush (the ‘Holy Trinity’ to their global fanbase) were probably the...
Rick Wakeman In The Seventies Book Cover

Rick Wakeman – In The Seventies

For those of us with memories going right back to the seventies, there are certain images which help define what was, in many instances,...

An Extraordinary Life -John Wetton

Those coming to this hefty 252-page book devoted to the memory of John Wetton, looking exacting details on his life, and more so minutiae...
IRON MAIDEN the Paul Di’Anno years

IRON MAIDEN the Paul Di’Anno years (Rufus Publications)

Every metal fan knows Iron Maiden - now well over forty years in existence they’re a rock behemoth astriding the globe, unleashing metal mayhem...
KISS - Portraits Edition

KISS – Portraits Edition (Rufus Publications) 

This book is published in 2023, the year Kiss celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as a viable entity and also the year when after the...
Alice Cooper In The 1980’s

Alice Cooper In The 1980s

(Chris Sutton - Sonicbund Publications) After a previous decade in which Alice Cooper (band) achieved fame and notoriety in equal measures plus a timeless anthemic...