Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Cryptosis are an unstoppable cosmic force on The Silent Call

Cryptosis are a Progressive Thrash Metal band from The Netherlands and they have recently gained some notable traction with their latest singles which have...
Green Lung

Green Lung takes Manchester back to 1973

Having recently graced the cover of Kerrang magazine, Green Lung are set to become the next big thing in metal which is ironic considering...

The Answer & Kira Mac, KK’s Steel Mill, Wolverhampton

It's Friday, 17th November, and on stage Kira Mac are striking all the right poses; throwing shapes, tossing hair and hips alike for all...

Rifforia Debut

Out now is Axeorcism a new studio album by Swedish heavy metal act Rifforia, available on Metalville Records. This new band featuring Nils Patrik Johansson...

Joanne Shaw Taylor’s Got Wild Love

British Blues rock guitar prodigy Joanne Shaw Taylor will be back in the UK February next year for a ten date tour, ahead of that is...

Cavalera: A family bonded by Morbid Devastation

The Cavalera brothers have built a death metal dynasty from humble beginnings back in the early 80s from Brazil and their original project, Sepultura,...

Ribozyme – Celestial Low

Somewhere between alternative rock, indie rock, and hard rock you will find the talented Norwegian outfit Ribozyme, and one undisputable fact about this eighth...
Sky Empire

Sky Empire preside over The Shifting of Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One

British-based band, Sky Empire, seem to be usually classed as progressive metal. For me, this can be too restrictive a pigeonhole to describe their...
Dirty Sound Magnet

Dirty Sound Magnet are Dreaming In Dystopia

A Swiss take on psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and blues rock is always guaranteed with the under-appreciated trio Dirty Sound Magnet. On their fifth...
Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd intrigues on Imposter Syndrome

Sophie Lloyd has been making musical waves ever since she began sharing her guitar prowess via her YouTube channel … 2.5 million followers suggest...