Here Lies Man

Gloomy-doomy AfroRock from HERE LIES MAN Ritual Divination

A wondrous portmanteau of cadence, pulse and euphony. Gloomy-doomy, dancy-funky and trippy-drifty —

Michael Schenker – Immortal

The guitar force of nature, otherwise known as Michael Schenker, is one of the most mercurial players on the rock scene. His playing has...

EDENBRIDGE – The Chronicles of Eden, pt2

Edenbridge are an Austrian symphonic metal band who through the years of their existence, have been bracketed into the same category as bands like...
Heavy Feather

Heavy Feather float a ‘Mountain of Sugar’

Heavy Feather’s first album Débris & Rubble (2019) was featured in RAMzine issue 22, when I said “they show how to take influences like...

Filled with wen and mistletoe: Legado de una Tragedia — Britania

Exuberant orchestral lamentations... sumptuous and ethereal

Accept once again prove they are ‘Too Mean to Die’

There's no way of knowing how long this iteration of Accept will last before lineup changes occur but whoever joins next will have the lofty task of having to top Too Mean to Die.

Gravehuffer keep kicking ass on new record, NecroEclosion

I've not long discovered the crust-laden, sludge-fueled doom machine that is Gravehuffer but I'm glad I did as they have a new release on...
Shotgun Revolution

Shotgun Revolution mark IV

Danish band, Shotgun Revolution, released two well-received albums in their homeland before the rest of Europe got a look-in. It was then that a...

Voodoo Circle head into the new year, Locked and Loaded

German hard rockers, Voodoo Circle, have suffered the malaise of many a band: a seemingly ever-changing lineup. Well, the good news is that the...
Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp compiled Trampthology

After eleven solo albums over 25 years, I guess White Lion/Freak of Nature frontman Mike Tramp is entitled to release a ‘best of’… it’s...