Phoxjaw display grace and grit on Royal Swan

Bristol-based noise crew Phoxjaw are set to release their first full-length title, Royal Swan on July 3rd via Hassle Records, following on from their two...
Thee MVPs

Thee MVPs create an antidote for our modern dystopia on debut album, ‘Science Fiction’

Today, Leeds-based rock dynamos Thee MVPs have released their debut album, Science Fiction. The album title in itself serves as a hint to what...
Jupiter Hollow

Jupiter Hollow produces a sonic prog journey on new album Bereavement

Jupiter Hollow are two Canadians, Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry who between them sing and play six different instruments. Their music fluctuates somewhere between...
The Space Octopus

The Space Octopus – Tomorrow We’ll Be Gone

Tomorrow We’ll Be Gone, the latest album from Bilbao’s The Space Octopus, is an album soaked in rock riffs, but with the majority of...
Blind River

Blind River – Made of Dirt

It was somehow two years to the day that Blind River released their first, self-titled release, when Made of Dirt came out...
Ivan Beecroft

Ivan Beecroft rides ‘The Cynical Express’

The counterweight continent known as 'Fourecks’ (with due homage to the great Terry) is home to many great and many unsung musicians...
The Rocket Dolls

Hard-hitting trio from Brighton, The Rocket Dolls, release ‘The Art of Disconnect’

The Art of Disconnect is the new release by The Rocket Dolls and sees the hard-hitting trio from Brighton join forces with...
Heron Time Immemorial

Dark, oppressive, hope crushing force Heron release Time Immemorial

Dark and dreary times can have come for all, and not all music can be bright and cheerful, thankfully for those that...

‘Palace for the Insane’ establishes Shrapnel as a force to be reckoned with

Shrapnel are far from the biggest name in UK thrash metal but have been slowly gaining traction with the aid of regular...
Bleed From Within

Bleed From Within – Fracture

Like your metal fast, filled with groove, technical prowess and a bark to match its bite? Then Bleed From Within's Fracture is...