Long distance calling

Long Distance Calling asks ‘How do we want to live?’

“Curiosity is a real bastard” So begins the opening track ‘Curiosity’ of the seventh album from German band...
Rhy Dongju

Korean Guitar Hero Rhy Dongju in the Lions’den III: Arium

It’s not often that you hear the phrase “Korean Guitar Hero”, but that does actually sum up the work of Rhy Dongju as he...
Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade back with a Dark Revolution

Yes, the stalwarts of NWOBHM are back and ready to show why they should have been up there with those other bands...

Swedish metal band Mad Hatter construct Pieces of Reality on new album

Great works of literature have often been a source of inspiration for bands, whether it be Blind Guardian and J.R.R Tolkien or...
The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside return after six years with a new self-titled album

This is the first album The Ghost Inside have released since 2014. The five band members have not been active since their...

Discharge is the exciting debut album by the Brazilian band Electric Mob

Discharge is the exciting debut album by the Brazilian band Electric Mob. Consisting of Renan Zonta on vocals, Ben Hur...

Aurium rise with The Second Sun

A band that chooses their name as the Latin word for 'ear' already has my vote, although it's sometimes associated with tinnitus;...

KANSAS – The Absence of Presence

Kansas initially made their name as being one of the mainstays of 1970’s/80’s US rock radio and have since become one of the most...

UK AOR stalwarts FM release album 12, Synchronized

First of all the year is 2020, the fact that we have a brand new FM album to talk about is, in...
These Wicked Rivers

These Wicked Rivers cultivate Eden

If this exciting Derby band are new to you, just read all about These Wicked Rivers in a fascinating interview with our...