Sunday, March 3, 2024

Let Go: KMFDM, doing it again

KMFDM are one of the most important acts in the industrial scene. With a career spanning 40 years, it becomes difficult to do something...

Hiraes awaken from dormancy

Lying dormant since their 2021 release of Solitary, the Hiraes volcano has erupted and darkened the skies with melodic death metal ash. Dormant explores the...
The Survival Code

The Survival Code share Whispers Of Woe

The Survival Code are a London-based rock duo that have been making waves on Spotify with a hectic release schedule of a single every...

Hearts & Hand Grenades reveal Where I Begin

Stephanie Wlosinski (vocals, bass), Mike Bress (guitar, keyboard), Kenny Blesy (lead guitar), Tom Lafferty (drums) are the crew from Buffalo that make up the...
South of Salem

South of Salem herald the Death of the Party

Born in the south of England during the pandemic, South of Salem made a major impact with their debut album, The Sinner Takes it...
Robby Krieger And The Soul Savages

Robby Krieger and the Soul Savages reach new heights

Although I have never been a huge fan of the Doors, I have always recognised the exquisite musical compositions that flow through all of...
The Rods

The Rods Rattle the Cage

It’s been well over forty years since Dave ‘Rock’ Feinstein and the power trio that was and still is The Rods first came to the...

Saxon – Hell, Fire and Damnation

Saxon have been bringing ‘heavy metal thunder’ to the world for well over forty years and in this time have released several classic albums...
The Amazons

The Amazons hometown show in Reading

A more localised version of “Mon the Bif” for Biffy Clyro, "Up the R’z" is a chant that rings around the Student Union tonight...
Nobody’s Fool

Nobody’s Fool make Time to entertain

Whenever I receive an album for review with a title that screams (for Vengeance?!) ‘cover version,’ that track is played first, regardless of running...