The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside return after six years with a new self-titled album

This is the first album The Ghost Inside have released since 2014. The five band members have not been active since their...
Louise Patricia Crane

Louise Patricia Crane Brings Her Haunting Witch-Queen Voice to Deep Blue

Vocalist and songwriter Louise Patricia Crane has recently been cooperating with Stephen Carey's collaborative music project The Eden House, specifically on their 2017 album...

UK AOR stalwarts FM release album 12, Synchronized

First of all the year is 2020, the fact that we have a brand new FM album to talk about is, in...

Discharge is the exciting debut album by the Brazilian band Electric Mob

Discharge is the exciting debut album by the Brazilian band Electric Mob. Consisting of Renan Zonta on vocals, Ben Hur...

Review: Mindscar – What’s beyond the light?

‘I Am The Bad Man’ starts with thunderous lures. Mindscar kick up some dirt throttling the ears with their metalcore madness and vocally ripping out some...

RAMzine Classic: Sacramentum – Far Away From The Sun

The Swedish black/death metal phenomenon Sacramentum, which was resurrected last year after lying dormant for almost two decades,...
Jupiter Hollow

Jupiter Hollow produces a sonic prog journey on new album Bereavement

Jupiter Hollow are two Canadians, Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry who between them sing and play six different instruments. Their music fluctuates somewhere between...
These Wicked Rivers

These Wicked Rivers cultivate Eden

If this exciting Derby band are new to you, just read all about These Wicked Rivers in a fascinating interview with our...
Blind River

Blind River – Made of Dirt

It was somehow two years to the day that Blind River released their first, self-titled release, when Made of Dirt came out...

Aurium rise with The Second Sun

A band that chooses their name as the Latin word for 'ear' already has my vote, although it's sometimes associated with tinnitus;...