Review: Seconds Alive – Bitter Moments

During the past eighteen months, the South West crew have steadily made waves throughout the UK scene. Along the way, they have shared stages...

New Mushroomhead album ‘A Wonderful Life’ is packed full of different styles

If you have read our interview with Mushroomhead founder, Skinny, you will have realised he has always been about giving their fans...
theFALLEN ‘Bury Your Demons’ Album Review

theFALLEN ‘Bury Your Demons’ Album Review

Being someone that is largely unfamiliar with this band or their body of work, I didn’t quite know what to anticipate. Needless to say, by the end of the album
Heron Time Immemorial

Dark, oppressive, hope crushing force Heron release Time Immemorial

Dark and dreary times can have come for all, and not all music can be bright and cheerful, thankfully for those that...
sick of it all

Persistence Tour 2019 – The Sleeping Dragons Wake As Sick Of It All Lead...

Let's clear the air from the get go, the Persistence Tour is arguably one of the finest travelling tours in Europe. A compendium of incredible acts...

Dark narratives from Hexvessel on new album, Kindred

Hexvessel is Finnish folk-rock / psychedelic rock band, founded by British black metal singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Mat McNerney (aka Kvohst) almost ten...
Tainted Lady

Tainted Lady – Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War

Tainted Lady are a Danish-based band whose influences are as diverse as Deep Purple, Skid Row and The Beatles, and they've toured...

Wildnite release their classic 80s-style glam rock self-titled debut

There is something awfully charming about the hard-hitting Norwegian sleaze rockers collectively known as Wildnite. The fact that they are so young and yet...

Periphery’s IV Hail Stan pushes the boundaries of progressive alternative metal

The latest iteration from Periphery’s numerical albums offers up nine new tracks for it’s forth chapter, Hail Stan. This sixth studio album by the...
Five Finger Death Punch Wembley

Five Finger Death Punch + In Flames | London

Ending our 2017, absolutely and quite frankly gloriously we head to Wembley Arena to see Five Finger Death Punch on their co-headline tour with...