Sunday, May 22, 2022
If Nothing Is

At The Apex of Desolation – An Interview with If Nothing Is

Yours truly had a profound musical experience back in September 2021, when Dark Essence Records unleashed a remixed and remastered version of the self-titled...
Larry Griffith

True blues: Blues master Larry Griffith tells what it takes

The blues are not always blue, but sometimes they are the darkest shade of midnight. Larry Griffith grew up the youngest of ten children...
Once Human

Once Human’s Lauren Hart talks finding her voice

LA-based Groove Metallers, Once Human are primed to release their third full-length album, Scar Weaver on February 11th via Edel Music/Ear Music. Frontwoman Lauren Hart took time out...
Bob Dylan in the 1980s

Bob Dylan In the 1980’s – Every Album, Every Track

In the 1980s Bob Dylan released ten albums, of which seven were studio recordings, two were β€˜live’ albums and the other being 1985’s Biograph,...
Lars Ulrich

9 famous musicians that suffer with hearing loss and tinnitus

Tinnitus and hearing loss are extremely prevalent among singers, musicians, and those working in the live music industry; with many of the world’s favourite...
RAMzine Quiz

RAMzine Quiz and Answers

Here is a list of music-related questions that cover all of the sub-genres that RAMzine loves: so expect a testing time on all areas...
Stuart Smith - Heaven And Earth

RAMzine Modern Classic: Stuart Smith – Heaven And Earth

Take an album from a guitarist who was taken under the wing of Ritchie Blackmore no less; pepper the album with guests such as...

Rock & Metal ‘One’s To Watch’ in 2022

2022 is likely to be the ultimate year of new music, with bands across the world not having been able to tour or play...

Rock & Metal Albums of The Year 2021

Let's not pretend that 2021 was a fantastic year, for many the past few years have been extremely difficult. Though even in the darkest...
Craig Goldy and Ronnie James Dio

World’s On Fire – An Interview With Craig Goldy (Dio Disciples & Resurrection Kings)

Back in early September, I had the great pleasure of talking to renowned guitarist Craig Goldy whose inspired work with Dio, Resurrection Kings, and Dream Child...