Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bokassa set Manchester ablaze with Molotov Rocktail

Returning to Manchester for the first time since their epic set opening for Metallica in 2019, Norwegian stoner rock outfit Bokassa take residence at...
A Requiem for Terra

The Spiritual Blight of The Black Hole Generator – A Terrifying Metal Classic

2016 saw the release of a deeply unsettling and bone-chillingly brilliant opus entitled A Requiem for Terra by the Norwegian black metal/industrial metal entity...
Green Bullfrog

RAMzine Classic – Green Bullfrog reaches its 50 (and 30) year anniversary

When, in 1972, an album was released that featured artists named Boots, The Boss, The Vicar, Sleepy, Sorry, Pinta, Speedy, Bevy and Jordan, it...

Black Stone Cherry, Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Two years in the works, Fourteen years as an idea, but finally dreams are being realised and bucket lists being checked off. These last...

Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2021 – The Big Review

Our comprehensive review of all the shenanigans at Bloodstock Festival 2021.
Samantha Fish - Runaway

RAMzine Modern Classic – Samantha Fish – Runaway

With her new album about to be released to great expectations, I thought it fitting that we look at her first studio album from...
RAMzine Issue 30 Dee Snider

RAMzine 30: Dee Snider “We are all from the same freaking bloodline”

Mention the name Dee Snider and most would immediately think of Twisted Sister and his make-up, snarling visage belting out one of the rock...
Graham Bonnet

That’s the way it is – The 40th anniversary of Graham Bonnet’s Line-Up album

One remarkably diverse and hugely entertaining record that is turning forty years old in 2021 is Graham Bonnet's Line-Up, which was originally released by...

Bloodstock booker Vicky Hungerford “When the festival opens this year, we will all cry”...

If you've ever been to a festival or wanted to go to one, you have probably wondered how it happens as well as the...
Kristian Hultgren from Wobbler

Cloaked In The Veil Of Light – An Interview With Wobbler’s Kristian Hultgren

Late last year, RAMzine conducted an interview with Norwegian prog rockers Wobbler following the release of their stellar Dwellers of the Deep LP. Given...