Saturday, February 24, 2024
Theory Of A Deadman

Theory Of A Deadman delivers good music and fun banter

Theory Of A Deadman, the Canadian band, deliver a night filled with rock, comedy, and roll as they take Manchester by storm. It's been...

Steve Hackett – Still Foxtrotting at Fifty

In 1972 Genesis released Foxtrot, their fourth studio album and one which clearly marked a significant development in their songwriting skills and musical abilities....

Under The Spell of Old Trees – A Retrospective Glance at Nidingr’s Rehearsal 1996

Today, I figured that it would be interesting to cast a flickering yet hopefully illuminating light on a rather obscure release from that gloriously...
Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle catch their prey in Manchester

On their first nationwide tour of the UK, Spread Eagle were eager to make a good impression in the North West of England and...

Obituary: Dying of Everything in Manchester

Earlier in the year, Obituary played a one-off date in London and the rest of the UK said "Wait, what about us?" a question...

Aephanemer awaken Mancunian spirits on UK debut

Aephanemer landed on UK territory for the first time to showcase their potential as to why they are one of the rising stars of...
Decide | Photo by Hannah Verbeuren

Deicide take a detour in Manchester on their way to Hell

Deicide have a history of announcing shows that don't happen and for the most part, that's not their fault but it does make the...
Stevie Salas Colorcode

RAMzine Classic: Stevie Salas Colorcode

For an artist that has appeared on over 70 different albums with artists from George Clinton, Justin Timberlake and Buddy Miles to Mick Jagger...
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit | Photos by Chris James Ryan

Limp Bizkit did it all for Yorkshire

Limp Bizkit are still one of the biggest acts in music and could probably sell out every venue they could find due to their...
Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich take Manchester surfing once again

Thrash is a lot like pizza; you know exactly what it is, you know it's good but it's always the same. You might get...