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Judas Priest: The Invincible Shield Of Heavy Metal

The venue PRYZM, located in Kingston upon Thames, welcomed the iconic heavy metal band Judas Priest for an interactive Q&A session led by comedian Ed Gambal. The focal point of this discussion was Judas Priest’s latest album Invincible Shield, set for release on March 8th, 2024, under the Epic Records label.

Vocalist Rob Halford recounted, “When the band started getting in the van in 1974, we went to literally every part of this country.” Ian Hill on bass continued adding, “You’d start out with just enough petrol money to get you to the first gig—I mean, literally—and then you’d ultimately get paid enough to take you to the next one. Maybe you could even stop and grab some chips on the way. That’s how we did it.”

It has been several years since Judas Priest initiated the launch of a new album on British soil, a move which Halford emphasises as significant for the group. In response to inquiries about their most cherished venue in the UK, the members acknowledged that although every performance spot is laden with its own unique memories, nothing compares to the unparalleled experience of playing in their hometown, Birmingham.

“We’re flying in the flag of British heavy metal, we never lose sight of that”

– Rob Halford, London, March 2024

Halford revealed that the title of their latest record, Invincible Shield, drew inspiration in part from the Marvel movie “The Avengers.” The remainder reflects the group’s ability to adapt. “That’s what I love about this band,” says Rob. “Nothing’s plotted or planned; it’s all very organic and real.” He added, “Judas Priest have been the invincible shield of heavy metal for over 50 years.”

Ed Gambal presents a playful question posed by RAMzine’s Victoria Purcell which was simply, ‘If you could break the law and get away with it, which law would you break’?

Halford’s initial response was, “You’re going to get us cancelled.” He then recounted a story of being pulled over for a DUI and taken to the police station in downtown Phoenix. With emphasis, Rob warned, “Do not drink and drive!” Once at the police station, the officers teased him by saying, “Oh, you’re breaking the law, aren’t you?”—poking fun at one of Judas Priest’s most famous songs ‘Breaking The Law.’ The jail cell became packed with about 20 other people crammed inside. Reflecting on that moment, Rob mentioned how trade negotiations kicked off inside as inmates began exchanging salami sandwiches for rolling papers.

Judas Priest are set to embark on a world tour, the UK leg kicks off in Glasgow on March 11th and includes a show at London’s OVO Wembley Arena on March 21st.

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