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Slam Dunk Festival Preview 2024 – Get Amped!

Slam Dunk has been an alternative institution for almost 20 years and boasts an eclectic lineup of punk, hardcore, ska, metalcore and of course, pop punk. 2024 is set to be a massive year as the full lineup has been revealed. Check out the rundown and check back at RAMzine for updates and stage times once they’re released. 

Stage 1

As Everything Unfolds

Kicking off the festivities on Stage 1, As Everything Unfolds will captivate the audience with their deep nu-metal rhythms and impressive high-range singing, poised to emerge as one of Slam Dunk’s breakthrough acts. Check out ‘On the Inside’ and ‘Hiding From Myself’ as well as their brand new album Ultraviolet, released in 2023.


Caskets come from the Bring Me the Horizon school of modern metalcore with their use of anthemic vocals and atmospheric soundscapes to create an immaculate vibe. ‘Glass Heart’ will be absolutely massive live as will tracks from their latest album Reflections. 

Set It Off

Set It Off are arguably most well known for their iconic collaboration with Scene Queen but they have a long history of theatrical rock tracks like ‘Why Worry’ which invokes the golden era of Fall Out Boy. A must-see for all you theatre kids who want to throw down. 

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are Warped Tour veterans and one of the bigger bands to come from the emo scene in the mid-2000s, ‘Face Down’ is still as devastating as ever. Expect a deeply emotional set full of melancholy bangers like ‘Your Guardian Angel’

The Blackout

Having just finished their first UK tour in 9 years, Welsh hardcore legends, The Blackout make their triumphant return to Slam Dunk. To celebrate this momentous occasion, they will be playing their iconic album, The Best in Town, in full as part of its 15th anniversary. 

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside are a melodic hardcore outfit that focuses equally on melody and aggression. By the time they hit the stage at Slam Dunk, you’ll have a new Ghost Inside record to break the speed limit to, but in the meantime, check out their hostile new single ‘Death Grip’. 

Asking Alexandria

The phrase “oh… my… god” has many meanings to many different people but to the Slam Dunk crowd and every alternate person back in 2009, it meant scream your lungs out and get in the pit because Asking Alexandria is on. Their style may have changed over the years but when ‘The Final Episode’ kicks in, you’ll need a doctor baby (you scared?). 

Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend are an emo legacy from the 2000s who intend to find a new generation of fans with the help of Lucas Woodland of Holding Absence who will be taking over vocal duties. Expect to hear emo anthems like ‘Roses For The Dead’ and ‘Rookie of The Year’. If all that isn’t enough to catch your attention then nothing will. 

I Prevail

I Prevail are a masterclass in mixing sonic hostility with hyper-positive lyricism. Having experienced their set first-hand last year on their UK tour, Slam Dunk is about to witness ‘True Power’ in its purest form. Not for the faint of heart, expect a feral crowd throughout as I Prevail headline this stage. 

Check out our coverage from their Manchester show last year:

Stage 2 – Monster Energy Stage


Opening Stage 2 are Snuff, a UK-based ska punk outfit that harkens back to the glory days of punk with a modern spin towards progressive politics. Snuff will wake you up faster than a hot cup of coffee and a bacon barm (that’s a sandwich for all you travelling from outside Leeds). Check out ‘Whatever Happened’ to the ‘Likely Lads’ and ‘Rivers of Babylon’

Big D and The Kids Table

Continuing the early morning ska train is Big D and The Kids Table. Big D and The Kids Table are a bright and shiny band full of positive energy despite some dark lyricism. Check out ‘Shining On’ and ‘LAX’ to experience the full spectrum of ska and punk in the space of 8 minutes.

Mad Caddies

Mad Caddies are an LA-based ska punk outfit overflowing with energy that are on track to hit this stage at Slam Dunk with incredible speed and force. The madcap energy of ‘Road Rash’ is sure to be a sight to behold as the crowd turns into a scene of chaos once only though possible on The Muppet Show. 

The Skints

The Skints are a London-based reggae fusion/ska/dub act that invokes iconic reggae sound with the punk rock attitudes of The Clash. The Skints are set to be an interesting addition to the bill and one worth checking out. ‘Rat-At-At’ is the band in peak form and fully worth your time this year. 

The Selecter

The Selected are an iconic ska act from the old-school punk days and they’re making their Slam Dunk debut. Expect bouncy shenanigans throughout and classic iconic tracks like ‘My Radio’ and ‘Missing Words’

The Bouncing Souls

Hailing from New Jersey, The Bouncing Souls are a lively bunch that are guaranteed to get the party moving with their hyper-energetic brand of punk rock. Iconic rippers like ‘Manthem’ and ‘True Believers’ are sure to transport you back to your skater punk days in the 2000s.


Upping the intensity as always, Pennywise bring their politically charged hardcore punk styling to Stage 2 of Slam Dunk. Expect a lot of that righteous anger on tracks like ‘Revolution’ and expect an absolutely feral atmosphere full of people who know exactly what they should be pissed about. 


This is the moment where everyone leans over to their friends and says proudly “This song was on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and then carries on dancing like an absolute maniac. ‘Superman’ is the quintessential skater punk ska anthem and if you don’t want to go skate after it’s over then you may need an ambulance. 

The Interrupters

The Interrupters are returning to the UK following their tour with Dropkick Murphys last year and everyone who was at those shows can confirm, it’s going to be a massive event at Slam Dunk. When ‘She’s Kerosene’ kicks in, there will be absolute anarchy all over the place and will continue on for the entirety of the set. 

Stage 3

Beauty School

Playing their hometown of Leeds, Beauty School are set to gain a lot of new fans with their glittery yet technical brand of emo-tinged alternative rock. ‘Pawn Shop Jewels’ is a must-hear for anyone looking for that twiddly midwest emo sound. 

Arm’s Length

Set to become your new favourite set of Canadians, Arm’s Length are a well-kept secret outside of their native country but not for long. ‘Object Permanence’ has the potential to become a modern emo classic and their set is sure to win many more over with their cold yet hopeful alternative sound. 

Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip completed a UK tour supporting Malevolence and since then, they’ve become a talking point in the hardcore scene with frantic and hostile bangers like ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘Tearing Your Life Away’. Guilt Trip hails from Manchester and sports a work ethic to prove it, catch them at Slam Dunk so you can say you saw them just as they started blowing up. 

One Step Closer

One Step Closer are hardcore in many ways, their attitude is hardcore, their sound is hardcore and their work ethic is hardcore but they still have time to slow down for beautiful clean interludes. Go check out ‘Pringle Street’ and get ready for a vicious set of two-stepping lunatics ready to throw down in between the shimmering clean sections. 


If you’re looking for a quick burst of energy that hits you like a punch in the face then check out H20. H20 are sure to have a short set full of at least 20 micro songs full of speed and intensity designed to get you moving. ‘What Happened’ is a band mourning the state of their beloved punk while trying to bring it back to its former glory. 

Stick To Your Guns

Stick To Your Guns are a perfect intersection between hardcore punk and metalcore with their use of screams and abrasive breakdowns. Check out ‘Married To The Noise‘ for that sharp punch-in-the-face sound you’ve been looking for. 

La Dispute

La Dispute’s sound is hard to describe, there are elements of emo, progressive metal, mathcore and even spoken word elements. If any of this sounds even remotely appealing then it’s worth checking out ‘King Park,’ a harrowing and thought-provoking track about gun violence. 

LS Dunes

LS Dunes is the latest emo supergroup made up of members of My Chemical Romance, Saosin, Coheed And Cambria and Thursday. Despite being made up of rock legends, LS Dunes are a very honest and down-to-earth attempt at making the music that influenced them all. ‘How Dare You’ and ‘Permanent Rebellion’ are modern emo classics in the making. 

Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are a sombre, midwest emo-style outfit (pun intended) who have been gaining traction over the past few years with their low-key and introspective sound. Edward ’40hands’ is a wonderful representation of Mom Jeans and even features cast members of Bob’s Burgers. You like Bob’s Burgers which means you also like Mom Jeans. 

The Wonder Years

If you’re a chronically online TV nerd who fears the sun, then The Wonder Years is a show from the 80s about life in the 60s starring Fred Savage, for everyone else, they’re the quintessential emo band from Pennsylvania. The Wonder Years cover the entire spectrum of human emotion, ‘Came Out Swinging’ is a rock club anthem and ‘Cigarettes And Saints’ is a cry-in-your-bedroom banger. 

Stage 4


Artio are a Leeds-based alternative rock outfit with an aggressive sound tinged with electronic elements. ‘Product of My Own Design’ and ‘Head In The Sand, Trigger On The Finger’ are tracks that are set to pop off when they open the stage this year. 

Honey Revenge

Having played on stage with Paramore, Honey Revenge are no strangers to holding a massive crowd captive with their glistening breed of high-octane pop punk. ‘Rerun’ is a brilliant bit of power pop and ‘Airhead’ is the anthem for everyone who’s ever lost their glasses while they were on their face (guilty). 

Taylor Acorn

Taylor Acorn balances singer/songwriter sensibilities and emphasis on relatability and storytelling with hard rock intensity and attitude to create something wholly unique. Tracks like ‘Gray’ show off soaring vocals and hooks while still maintaining that down-to-earth rock edge we’ve all come to love. 


RØRY is a solo artist that utilises heavy themes including mental health and feminism to create a safe space for discourse and positivity while still creating sweeping choruses and power pop songwriting. RØRY’s latest album, Family Drama, is a heartbreaking venture guaranteed to make you feel something, it may not be something good but it’s still something. 

Bob Vylan

Blending two of the most socially conscious genres: hip hop with punk rock, Bob Vylan intend to spread positivity and a call to action in the name of social justice and the betterment of society with thought-provoking lyricism. ‘He’s The Man’ and ‘Hunger Games’ are rage-fueled bangers that far too many people can identify with. You can expect a brand-new album before Slam Dunk too. 

Against The Current

League of Legends fans will know Against the Current from their tie-in single; ‘Legends Never Die’ but everyone else will know them for their massively popular YouTube channel of pop-punk covers. Their original music and songwriting abilities have been improving massively since they started culminating in modern pop-punk masterpieces like ‘Good Guy’ and ‘Silent Stranger’

Pale Waves

Manchester is a city well known for its rich pantheon of musical history and Pale Waves are one of the latest examples hoping to join it. Their sound is based heavily on dreamy 80s synth-pop vibes but with a modern twist and stellar production. ‘She’s My Religion’ and ‘Easy’ give off a spacey Echo and The Bunnymen vibe and they’re highly recommended for anyone just looking to vibe. 

Palaye Royale

Hailing from Las Vegas and sporting a theatrical style to match, Palaye Royale are an artsy bunch that makes fairly low-key rock music with a 60s rock style mixed in with modern elements like rapping. Palaye Royale are a fairly bleak band but they’re not considered part of the emo movement but they’ll still get some emo movement when they hit the stage. 


Headlining Stage 5, Waterparks are a Texan pop-punk band that have integrated hyperpop elements over the years but the heart of the band is still the same. Expect massive powerful pop-punk songs with equally massive titles like ‘I Miss Having Sex But At Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore’ and the hyperpop abrasiveness of ‘Sneaking Out of Heaven’

Main Stage

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer are the closest we’ll ever get to an emo U2 as they feature delay-driven clean guitar work that invokes The Edge in the best way possible. Check out ‘Where I Want to Be’ for a hit of bright guitar work and emotive vocals. 

As December Falls

Nottingham-based As December Falls are just oozing with 2000s pop rock style and their triumphant return to Slam Dunk is set to turn some heads. ‘Mayday’ has that mid-2000s attitude and snarl that you just don’t see that often anymore and ‘Carousel’ is way heavier than it has any right to be. 

Head Automatica

Fronted by Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, Read Automatica celebrate the 20th anniversary of Decadence by playing the album in full on the main stage of Slam Dunk. A must-see for fans of groove-driven alt-rock with a hint of hip-hop sensibilities. 

We The Kings

We the Kings offer an emo-tinged power pop experience designed to be heard on the main stage of a giant festival like this one. ‘Sad Song’ is set to be the ultimate big sad moment of the whole festival but will pick right back up when the Kerrang mainstay ‘Check Yes Juliet’ kicks in. 

Mallory Knox

After a 5 year hiatus, Mallory Knox are set to return for exclusive one-off shows at Slam Dunk. There’s no telling if they’ll have more shows in the future so this may be your only chance to hear ‘Giving It Up’ live for quite some time. 

State Champs

State Champs are pop punk in its most authentic form and they’re playing their classic iconic debut album, The Finer Things in full to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Even those who are ‘Hard to Please’ can expect to be ‘Elevated’

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls are another classic mid-2000s emo pop-punk outfit that focuses on bright hopeful optimism in their songwriting while still acknowledging the darker parts of young life. ‘The Great Escape’ was a Kerrang staple back in the day and hearing it live will bring people back to those days. 

All American Rejects

All American Rejects were a staple of Kerrang in the 2000s with their all-time classic like ‘Gives You Hell’ and the song that is guaranteed to give everyone in their mid-30s a sore throat: ‘Dirty Little Secret’. Expect a giant crowd of 30-somethings to transform into 16-year-olds once they hit the stage. 

You Me At Six

Slam Dunk 2024 will be the final UK festival appearance of You Me At Six so prepare for a bittersweet experience as we watch our homegrown pop-punk legends walk off into the sunset before their final world tour. There really isn’t a more fitting send-up to them than to have them headline the entire festival and have ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ and ‘Bite My Tongue’ blast through the speakers one last time… 

Don’t forget to check back as RAMzine for updates on Slam Dunk Festival. Also don’t forget to sort out your parking in advance as on the day sales will not be taking place.

The countdown is now officially on for Slam Dunk Festival 2024 – coming to Hatfield Park on Saturday 25th May and Leeds Temple Newsam on Sunday 26th May. Tickets are on sale now via

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